The North of Israel is well-known for the Galilee and Mount Hermon. Nevertheless, there are many beautiful places that deserve your attention. Indeed, the North of Israel has a lot of culture, history, and magnificent landscapes. The North of Israel is crossed by a great road network, in the same way as the rest of the country. Besides the trains, there are buses crossing the region. There are different options to see the most remote and beautiful places of the north of Israel, such as renting a car, joining a guided tourist tour or hiring a private guide with a car for some days. The must see landmarks to visit in Israel are in the following list:

Cable car to Rosh HaNikra grotto in North Israel.
  1. Haifais the biggest city in the North of Israel and the third’s largest city in the country. It lies on the slopes of Mount Carmel, and it has unique places such as the Bahai Gardens, and the restored Haifa German Colony, besides many museums and attractions.

    Funicular railway in Haifa
  2. The Sea Of Galileeis one of the lowest lakes in the world, and it is an area full of historical places. The Galilee is an important religious site not only for Jews but also for Christians because of the many references in the New Testament. It is recommended to take a boat trip on the lake, and for watersports lovers, there are many activities.
    Boat on the sea of Galilee

    Additionally, it is very nice to walk in the hills Of Galilee above, where there are breathtaking panoramas of north of Israel.

  3. Tiberias聽is the main city of Galilee, and it is a holy place to both Judaism and Christianity. In Tiberias, there are many churches, and one of the most important is the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes, whose name refers to the miracle performed by Jesus of feeding 5,000 people with only five loaves of bread and two fish. Tiberias is also the city where it is located the Tomb of Rabbi Hiyya, who was a Jewish sage of the Tannaim known for his unique Torah teachings.
    The Tiberias Hot Springs are another attraction of this beautiful city, and they include ancient natural springs, swimming pools, and Turkish baths.
  4. The North Mountain Area聽offers a lot of picturesque points in the north of Israel. Among the landmarks of the mountainous northern area of Israel, Mount Arbel stands tall beside the Sea of Galilee, providing magnificent views across the land. Moreover, this area is an excellent place for hiking and the only site in Israel for base jumping.
    Another famous mountain is Mount Gilboa, which is located south of Arbel, and it is well-known for its magnificent wildflowers during the springtime. The Gilboa Scenic Road includes many hike areas, viewpoints, picnic locations, bike routes, and striking standpoints.
    On the other side of the Sea of Galilee, there is the Gamla nature reserve that is a magnificent place of the Golan Heights. Gamla is full of views and history, and it is home to eagles, which nest there under the vigilant supervision of experts.
    The most famous mountain of Israel is Mount Hermon, which is the tallest peak in Israel, a ski resort in winter and a hiking and biking resort in summer.

    Mount Hermon
    Snow on Mount Hermon

    Another beautiful place in Israel is the Hula Valley, which is one of the most significant bird observing sites in the world positioned on the primary bird migration route of the African Rift Valley.

  5. The Northern Mediterranean Coastline is very dissimilar to the heavily crowded southern coastline that is close to Tel Aviv. The Western Galilee is significantly greater than the south shoreline and less enhanced; moreover, it is full of beautiful lagoons and coves. It also includes cities such as Akko, which is a crusader port and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Nahariya and If you have time, it is recommended to visit Rosh Hanikra, which is a place with amazing grottoes that have been carved into the cliffs by the seawater.

    Cable car in Rosh Hanikra, Galilee
  6. The coastal city of聽Old Acre – Akkois a UNESCO World Heritage Site, also because of its fascinating historical legacy. In the ancient walled city, there are archaeological relics, which are traces of the previous civilizations that built extraordinary constructions. The ancient castles, fortress, churches, mosques, and synagogues make Acre one of the most beautiful and unique cities of Israel. Indeed, it is an extraordinary tourist destination. Akko has many attractions, and among them, the most relevant are the vibrant Oriental markets, the beautiful beaches, and the port.

    View on marina with yachts and ancient walls of harbor in Acre.
  7. Safed – Tzfat聽is one of four holy cities in Israel since back in the centuries, it was the centre of Kabbala. Nowadays, Tzfat is an ancient city of mysticism and spirituality. On its hilltop, there are beautiful and picturesque landscapes of Galilee, and you will enjoy the fresh mountain air. Moreover, strolling around, you will find out many charming and narrow alleyways of Tzfat, which is featured by stone houses and colourful synagogues. Additionally, Tzfat has many artists’ ateliers and shops.

    View of a narrow street in Tsfat/Safed
  8. Beit Shean National Park – Scythopolis聽is an exceptional archaeological site with Roman ruins of ancient bathhouses, an amphitheatre and majestic columns. Indeed a visit to this ancient site is a full immersion in the remote past. At night a multimedia projection takes place in the park.

    Ruins of ancient city Beit Shean ,Israel
  9. Alma Cave Tour聽is full of fun and adventure. In the caves’ tours, it is included spelunking in the dark cave with headlamps, rappelling, rope swinging, and rock climbing. Nevertheless, there are pathways for those who don’t intend to practice those extreme sports.

This is just a summary of all the beautiful places you can find in the North of Israel, and the more you explore, the more you discover new magnificent locations of the holy land.