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General knowledge of the Israeli Wildlife The Israeli wildlife includes the flora and fauna of Israel, which is very differentiated due to the different locations in Israel, temperate and tropical zones, extending from the Mediterranean Sea in the west and the desert in the east. Unfortunately species such as the...
Paradise of Netanya

Netanya city is my favorite coastal city in Israel

Netanya is a city located between Haifa and Tel-Aviv. The length of the coast of Netanya is about 14 km. Now imagine that you...

Netanya city, Israel

Netanya is a city 30 km northern of Tel Aviv, in this video, we will walk along the embankment of Netanya with a beautiful...

Streets in the old Jerusalem – part 1

Walking the streets in the old Jerusalem with GoPRO action camera. 0:00:00 - 0:01:06 Ohr ha-Chaim Street; 0:01:06 - 0:01:44 Cardo street, main street of old...

Western Wall – the Kotel

Explore Jerusalem with GoPro action camera. Today, let's travel to Western Wall ( the Kotel ).

From Ben Gurion to Jerusalem by train

Nice video tape of fast train from Ben Gurion train station to Jerusalem.

I love TLV, I love sea

Explore Israel travel with GoPro camera. Today, let's travel to sea in Tel Aviv city, Israel.

The Israeli tourism

Tourism In Israel Tourism in Israel is one of the main income of the national economy with more than 3 million tourist arriving every year,...
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