The City Of Safed

Safed is one of the four holy cities in Israel, and it is the principal city of Upper Galilee. This mystical city lies on an 850 meters high mountain. And it offers a stunning view of the Sea of 鈥嬧婫alilee. The city of Safed has a significant history, and it is an important religious centre for the Jewish people. Moreover, the blend of historic buildings and modern construction makes Safed a fascinating tourist site.

Safed, Israel, June 06, 2017 : Entrance to the grave of Rabbi Shimon-bar Yochai in Mount Meron near the northern Israeli city of Safed.

The Alleys Of The Old City Of Safed

Safed is a picturesque city with a unique charm. A walking tour of the old town’s alleys will make you fall in love with this city and its unique atmosphere. The Old City alleys have a magical ambience, a detailed history, and spirituality and symbolism, which are part of Israel’s Jewish heritage. You will find art galleries, impressive synagogues, museums, and various kosher restaurants with unique flavours and delicacies, besides the wineries in the alleys. On Saturdays, which is Shabbat for the Jews, it is enjoyable to wander through the city’s quiet paths, but keep in mind that all the shops are closed. During the week, the city’s shops and tourist attractions are lively and attract many tourists and visitors.

The Ancient Synagogues Of Safed

The ancient synagogues are impressively beautiful, and each one of them has a fascinating story. The ancient temples of Safed deserve a visit being fascinating and unique places. The most relevant synagogues of Safed are:

  • The Sephardic Ari Synagogue is the oldest in Safed, and it is mentioned in Rabbi Moshe Basula’s book dating back to 1522. The temple was damaged by the great earthquake in Safed in 1837 but was impressively restored by philanthropist Yitzhak Guetta.
  • The Ashkenazi Ari Synagogue was established in the 16th century by immigrants from Spain, and it became the synagogue of the Ashkenazi community after the Hasidic aliyah.
  • The Rabbi Yosef Karo Synagogue is a synagogue from the 16th century,. It was the best midrash of Rabbi Yosef Caro, the Shulchan Aruch author, the Kessef Mishneh and the Beit Yosef.
  • The Abuhav Synagogue is in the heart of the Old City in an impressive 15th-century building. In the synagogue, in the southern wall (facing Jerusalem) there are three arks. According to tradition, there is one of the oldest Torah scrolls in the city in the right closet, written by Rabbi Yitzchak Abohav.
  • The Alsheikh Synagogue is another synagogue in the Old City’s heart, where, according to tradition, the “Holy Alsheikh” Rabbi Moshe Alsheikh prayed. Nowadays, an ancient Torah crown with a sacred inscription from 1434 and many old Torah scrolls are well preserved in the Alsheikh Synagogue.
Old stone house in Safed

Art In Safed – The Artists’ Campus

The Artists’ Campus is located in the Old City’s heart, and it combines Judaism, culture, architecture, and history; the past, present, and future coexist together. The city has a significant influence on many artists coming from Israel and other countries. The Artists’ Campus exhibits artworks, and you can purchase some of them. There are paintings in various techniques, Judaica, glass art, jewellery, photographs, and sculptures. You can enjoy the spectacular and impressive art touring in the Artists’ Campus in Safed. The Synagogues tours, the visits to the city’s museums, and the unique restaurants will memorable your experience in this magical city.

Aerial view of Tsfat/Safed in Israel