I ❤️ Israel

Blog posts about daily life in Israel and tips how to enjoy Israel as tourist or as new immigrant (oleh chadash).

Tel Aviv-Jaffa, or in short, Tel Aviv, is also known as "the first Hebrew city". But thanks to its location on the coastal plain, TLV considered a hotbed of activity and tourism today. In fact, the Tel Aviv city is now the central city of the cities of Gush...
Israel celebrates 72 years of independence - yesssss, MAZAL TOV! I love You Israel you are only place in the world, where I feel my self connected to my Jewish roots, I Thank G-d for His gift by name Israel. Why I love Israel? I love Israel for Jerusalem and many...
Today is Israel Memorial Day. Honour to all the fallen soldiers and civilians.🔥 Hi, my name is Shalom, and I want to tell my story. Let's back to 2005. I bought a big white paper for my new painting (well, I like to paint) and on the way to the...
Tower of David
Jerusalem is a historical and very mystical and beautiful city. In this blog, I want to share with you about my travel guide of walking through old Jerusalem city in a combination of Google Maps and my description of interesting places in the old city with photos and videos. Let's...
I love Jerusalem
Tel Aviv is a very active city - contrast to the holy city of Jerusalem, and if you take a bus from one city to another without taking into account traffic jams, the trip will be +- 1 hour. But thanks to hAshem, the holy city of Jerusalem will now...
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