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Blog posts about daily life in Israel and tips how to enjoy Israel as tourist or as new immigrant (oleh chadash).

Israel is a country where many cultures and religions coexist together, making it a culturally various country. Jews, Christians, Muslims, and other faiths live together in this small land, and each of these religious groups includes different sub-cultures. In Israel, you can find half-dressed people at the beaches of...
The cost of living in Israel changes depending on the city. Additionally, Israel holds the second position regarding the highest prices in OECD(Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) relatively to income. For people who want to buy a home in Israel, 148 monthly salaries are necessary. In Israel there...
The Krayot, which means townships, are a cluster of four small towns and one neighbourhood founded in the 1930s in the suburbs of Haifa, in Israel. Krayot is located in the Haifa bay area. The Krayot include Kiryat Ata, Kiryat Bialik, Kiryat Haim, Kiryat Motzkim, and Kiryat Yam. Kiryat Ata Early...
The city of Haifa is the third-largest one in Israel after Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It consists of the Haifa metropolitan area that hosts the third most populated area of Israel. One of the notable landmarks of Haifa is the Bah谩始铆 Faith's Bah谩始铆 World Centre, which is a UNESCO...
Rosh Hanikra is a fantastic and unique geological treasure in the northernmost point of the Israel Mediterranean Coastline, inside the Western Galilee region. This place is featured by caverns and caves that result from thousands of years of seawater erosion. This location is close to the border between Israel and...
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