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Blog posts about daily life in Israel and tips how to enjoy Israel as tourist or as new immigrant (oleh chadash).

Introduction To Traditional Israeli Food Traditional Israeli food is an ancient heritage of a multi-cultured history of the Jewish Nation. Definitely, Israel is one of the countries where traditional food comes from different cultures. Indeed, Israeli cuisine includes local and diaspora food. Especially, after 1948, with the establishment of the...
This blog post illustrates the most famous Jewish holiday food in Israel and abroad. For each holiday, Jews have a different menu that changes also depending on the Jewish ethnic group. Jewish festivals, dating back to ancient times, are still celebrated passionately in Israel. There are religious and traditional...
To understand the ethnic Jewish music of Israel, it is essential to highlight the ethnic Jewish groups. The Ethnic Jewish Groups In Israel The ethnic music of Israel reflects the eclectism and multiculturalism of the country. Hence, Israeli music reflects the multiethnicity even inside Judaism. There are different religious-ethnic groups among...
The Coastal City Of Netanya The coastal city of Netanya is magnificent because of its unique shores. The nickname of Netanya is Diamond on the Med has not been chosen by chance. It is not easy to define the city of Netanya with a couple of words because this gem...
Interesting facts about Israel are so many that it is hard to enumerate all of them. On 14 April, Israel will celebrate 73 years of independence after establishing Israel's State in 1948. General Interesting Facts About Israel  Even if Israel is a young country, it is a green land because...
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