There are several reasons to love Israel, and especially for Jewish people, this country means home and family. The following reasons why I do love Israel are some of the many ones each Israeli has.

  1. Jerusalem and the Wailing Wall is the heart of Israel for 2000 years – The Jewish people were in exile, but they always aspired to be in Jerusalem next year. Thank to God, today聽 Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and at any time you can come to the Western Wall with a prayer.

    The Western Wall Of Old Jerusalem
    Western Wall – Monday
  2. The archaeology of Israel is surprising because every day, archaeologists always discover new remnants. Examples are the sea caves and the 2000-year-old biblical texts of Prophets Zecharia and Nahum, who fought in the Bar-Kochba revolt against the Romans, and they hid these texts safely.
  3. Israel medical health insurance ensures a financial coverage of medications and treatments for Israelis.
  4. In 1955, David Ben-Gurion said that “Israel’s capacity for science and research will be tested in the Negev, and this effort will determine the fate of the State of Israel and the standing of our people in the history of mankind.” Moreover, 15 various desert wineries formed the Negev Wines Club, which is an initiative promoted by the Merage Foundation.
  5. The tallest solar power tower in the world is in Kibbutz Ashalim in the Negev desert.

    Tower solar power plant in Israel in the Negev desert.
  6. NASA will send a prototype of an Israeli-developed miniaturized solar-power generator to the International Space Station.
  7. The vaccination against coronavirus was the fastest and most efficient in the world. The efficiency of the vaccination system in Israel was due to the Israel prime minister determination to obtain the Pfizer vaccine as soon as possible.
  8. Hadassah Hospital COVID-19 department collaborated with SodaStream to convert seltzer technology for ventilators.
  9. Socially distanced polling stations were available for people with COVID-19 or in isolation. Moreover, polling stations were available for the first time at Ben-Gurion Airport.
  10. Preparations for exploring the planet Mars are performed in the Mitzpe Ramon crater because the terrain is assumedly similar to the one of Mars.

    View of Makhtesh Ramon Crater, Negev Desert, Israel
  11. The 2020 Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs ranked Israel as the best country for women entrepreneurs.
  12. The most beautiful woman in the world is Israeli, and her name is Yael Shelbia. She was awarded the spot on TC Candler’s list of the 2020 most beautiful women in the world.
  13. The famous Israeli Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, has been cast as Cleopatra in a new movie, and she is also pregnant for the third time.
  14. Fertility in Israel stands at 3.1 children per woman, which is the highest rate in the OECD, passing the following highest fertility countries like Mexico and Turkey. In the last two decades, there has been a rise in Israel’s fertility.
  15. Israel Aerospace Industries revealed an aerial surveillance system named WASP in the same week when the Torah portion was about God sending wasps.
  16. The IAI engineers developed a new Carmel armoured fighting vehicle, recruiting teenage gamers, who showed how to control weapons using the dual thumbsticks and buttons of a video game handset.
  17. Baby Bamba, the mascot of Israel’s most beloved peanut snack, got a sister mascot on International Women’s Day. Moreover, Baby Bamba has a YouTube channel with 20 million views.
  18. Half of the world’s supercomputers use the Israeli Mellanox chips, based in Yokneam Illit, in northern Israel.
  19. The insurance technology company Lemonade is a Tel Aviv-based corporation worth $1.6 billion.
  20. Wix, Fiverr, JFrog, Playtika, OwnBackup and CyberArk are Israeli start-ups worth $1b. or more. Israel has more start-ups per capita than any other country in the world.
  21. The transportation app Moovit is Israeli, and it is employed by 720 million users in 100 countries around the world. Intel acquired Moovit for $900 million.
  22. Researchers from Ben-Gurion University joined a team of scientists from Harvard and MIT, discovering the possible links between autism and abnormal levels of fats in the blood.
  23. Elaine Solowey, an American-born founder of Kibbutz Ketura, became a world expert in desert agriculture, and she grows ancient dates. Generally, in the Kibbutz Ketura, the average rainfall is around 30 mm. per year, which is almost one inch of rain per year.
  24. In Israel, especially in Jerusalem, it is common to find signs with the inscription “Shmita is coming! Prepare your garden now!”. Shmita is the sabbatical year when planting is suspended.
  25. The first kosher Israeli restaurant has opened in the UAE, following a massive increase in kosher food options thanks to the Israel-UAE normalization last year. The new restaurant is called Mul Hayam and offers authentic Israeli cuisine with gorgeous ocean views.
  26. The Israeli Netflix series Fauda was the most-watched one in the UAE and World.
  27. Israel is the Start-Up Nation. Indeed, in Time magazine’s 2020 list, the following Israeli inventions were mentioned: an automatic beehive, an X-ray vision technology AR-headset, a fit-and-fold car booster seat, a custom-made guide to cancer trials, an urban electric vehicle and a “sugar-like product.”
  28. Israeli company OrCam developed MyEye 2.0, a vision technology device that can be clipped to eyeglasses to read books, labels, restaurant menus, and also scan bar codes.
  29. Tiny Israeli satellites can orbit around the earth consuming only 1 gram of fuel a day. The chief engineer was very enthusiastic about the invention and that it was coming from the Jewish state’s tech in winning over Kazakhstan, where Stalin expelled his father and grandparents.
  30. Jewish and Muslim Magen David Adom ambulance workers pray close to their rescue vehicle.
  31. Pilot Harold “Smoky” Simon, who operated in the War of Independence, went back to aviation, flew on a Tiger Moth to celebrate his 100th birthday with his sons Saul and Dan; also ex-IAF pilots, flew in vintage planes beside him.
  32. On Independence Day, IDF pilots performed acrobatics over the hospitals of Israel in solidarity and gratitude for the healthcare teams on the front lines in the fight against Coronavirus.
Flag of Israel

As you read, there are many reasons to love Israel and many more to add to this list.