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Shalom and ​Welcome to IsraeliBlogger, the blog about traveling all over Israel and daily life in Israel!


IsraeliBlogger is a project devoted to show the beauty and the unusual aspects of Israel differently from what the press says about this country in the contest of the Middle East conflicts and terrorism that in every newspaper online and offline prevails today.

Instead of it, the point of view of IsraeliBlogger is to prove that this image doesn’t correspond to the reality. Israel is one of the happiest countries in the world preceding countries such as of Britain, Germany, and the U.S in terms of quality of life. Yes it’s not like in the standard press!

Israel takes the position number 13 in the worldwide list of the happiest countries. Our project takes in count every aspect of living in Israel, providing information regarding tourism, culture, everyday life, history and so on.

IsraeliBlogger is not only directed to tourists who want to visit Israel but also for Israelis and people living stably in our beautiful country. Our aim is also to connect people living in Israel, give expression to every person who wants to share his experience in Israel, and to create a network for Jews living abroad Israel. The readers will be surprised and amused by the real look of this young country, Israel, as they never could imagine, following our virtual tour in different cities and places. Hence not only tourist information will appear in our site, but you will be able to find tips and info about the daily life such as events, transports, cost of living, food, recipes, hobbies, culture, and so on. Israel will not be anymore the same in your mind, you will discover uncommonly what you wouldn’t think could be possible in this Middle-East country, estimated as one of the most cultured and technologically advanced country in the world. In the 2018 four million tourists visited Israel, that’s not a surprise for a country where people enjoy life with a good health and one of the longest life expectancy.

So if you love Israel you are in the right place! Yep! IsraeliBlogger is not only a blog or a website where you find info about traveling through Israel and daily life in Israel. Each blog post will describe the life in Israel, tips and how enjoy Israel as tourists, new immigrant (oleh chadash) or as Israeli!

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Hi, my name is Shalom Rapoport and I love Israel and share it with You by IsraeliBlogger project, where I manage SEO, SMM strategies & web.

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