Life in Tel Aviv city is pretty exciting! Indeed Tel Aviv is the city which never sleeps! “The White City” has everything you need!. Sea, shopping, nightlife, and good food are just a small part of a long list of the many things you should experience while visiting Tel Aviv.

The city of Tel Aviv is not only the green capital of the Middle East and the city with the highest amount of startups in the world, but it's also an artistic capital with so many museums and art galleries to impress everyone who visits it for the first...
The renewed seashore promenade goes along Tel Aviv's coastline. Many cafes and restaurants populate the beachside, where you can enjoy fresh Mediterranean food with a magnificent sea view along the Tel Aviv shore. It is magic to admire the sunset at the beach listening to the sea wave sound. The...
The city of Tel Aviv is not only featured by beautiful beaches, tall skyscrapers and trendy streets. Indeed nowadays, Tel Aviv is now one of the most ecological and environment-conscious cities in the world. In this vibrant city, the lifestyle is one of the most eco-friendly places on Earth,...
Tel Aviv is one of the most visited cities globally, and even National Geographic fell in love with Tel Aviv seashore. In many magazines, such as Conde Nast Traveler, the unique city of Tel Aviv is stands out among other cities because of its many peculiarities like the Bauhaus...
In Tel Aviv exists unique location which is called Sarona, it's amazing combination of high-rise buildings and old European style. https://youtu.be/gJ2hlLFEDks  
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