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There are several reasons to love Israel, and especially for Jewish people, this country means home and family. The following reasons why I do love Israel are some of the many ones each Israeli has. Jerusalem and the Wailing Wall is the heart of Israel for 2000 years -...
The first kibbutzim were created to establish Israel as a unique collective community based on socialism and Zionism. A typical kibbutz consisted of a closely-knit social grouping that shared all property and products. Kibbutzim started as agriculture communities, and later, they also got involved in manufacturing and services. For example,...
Israel is a country where many cultures and religions coexist together, making it a culturally various country. Jews, Christians, Muslims, and other faiths live together in this small land, and each of these religious groups includes different sub-cultures. In Israel, you can find half-dressed people at the beaches of...
The cost of living in Israel changes depending on the city. Additionally, Israel holds the second position regarding the highest prices in OECD(Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) relatively to income. For people who want to buy a home in Israel, 148 monthly salaries are necessary. In Israel there...
The Galilee consists of one-third of Israel, and it is divided into three areas:聽Lower Galilee,聽Upper Galilee聽and聽Western Galilee. The landscape of Galilee is featured by hills and flat fertile plains, making it similar to Tuscany in Italy. Both the Sea of Galilee and the River Jordan are in the Galilee...
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