Mount Hermon is the highest mountain in the State of Israel. The highest peak is 2,236 meters above sea level. Mount Hermon is located on the northeastern border of Israel, and the mountain area is divided between Syria, Lebanon, and Israel. Its highest peak is on the border between Syria and Lebanon, at 2,814 meters above sea level.

Mount Hermon has an annual rainfall of about 1300 mm, with strong winds throughout the year. Due to its height, the precipitation is, of course, snow. The lowest temperature in the winter months is slightly below 0 degrees, while in the summer months, the temperature reaches about 25 degrees. Therefore, Mount Hermon is the ideal (and only!) Ski resort in Israel.

During the winter months – and contrary to what you may have thought, Mount Hermon is also a great place to hike in the rest of the year!

Northern Israel, the Golan Heights.

The Hermon site in the winter months

A visit to Mount Hermon during the winter will ensure a variety of fun winter activities suitable for all ages!
At the Hermon site, which is located at an altitude of 2,040 meters above sea level, there are ski trails at all levels – for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. Even for those who have not yet experienced extreme winter sports – it is never too late to learn something new!
You can take a ski or snowboard lesson, individually or in groups – and learn to ski like real professionals.

Apart from the ski school, you can rent or buy ski equipment in the equipment store, enjoy a coffee break or a meal at any of the buffets on-site, and there is also an information center and first aid services – to ensure a fun and safe rest.

On-site, snow sleds for rent, where you can enjoy surfing in the designated area. Another fun attraction is the extreme sleds where it is possible to ski in pairs. The different snow sleds are suitable for children of different ages, depending on the child’s age and height.

For the lovers of walking, on Mount Hermon, there are approved hiking trails. But do not walk them independently, you can walk the trails as part of an organized group, after receiving permits from the Mount Hermon site and the Israel Defense Forces.

The weather is, of course, an influential and vital factor for your planned trip. It is always advisable to keep track of the weather forecast near the time of the journey. Winds and fog are typical of the mountains, as well as Mount Hermon, of course – and they may affect the various activities you have planned.

Snow on Mount Hermon

And what about the rest of the year? Don’t worry; it’s always fun on Mount Hermon!

In the summer months and the holiday season – autumn, it is pleasant to walk in high places. By registering and by prior arrangement, you can go on guided tours on the summit of Mount Hermon and enjoy a spectacular and unique view:

A professional guide from the Society for the Protection of Nature will take you to the most impressive vantage points, explain the unique flora and fauna of Mount Hermon, its fascinating history, geography, and other exciting stories. The tour lasts about an hour and a half, and then walk on marked trails is about 3.5 kilometers long.

For families and children, at mount Hermon, there are a variety of attractions and fun summer activities such as cable car rides, karting, extreme sledding on rails, summer tubing, and more.

The Banias (Banyas) waterfall in the Hermon Stream (Banias) Nature Reserve, Northern Israel

North of the Golan Heights

If you have already reached the northernmost point in the State of Israel, do not miss the unique beauty of the north of Israel – Golan Heights!
Apart from Mount Hermon, breathtaking nature, streams, rivers, waterfalls, attractions, and everything you need for an amazing and magical trip.

In the Golan Heights, accommodation options at all levels. Simple and basic up to the most luxurious hotels, hostels, or even accommodation in nature – camping, are examples of the many options available to you if you have chosen a more extended trip, of more than one day.

Mount Hermon and the Druze village of Majdal Shams in the Golan Heights in Northern Israel covered in snow

Of course, accommodation is an integral part of the experience of your rest in north of Israel, and the nature of Ramat Golan never ceases to amaze: Dew grove is a beautiful nature reserve, where besides the charming oak grove and the orchid reserve, you can enjoy the large swimming lake at the foot of Mount Hermon. The water is cold but refreshing, which flows from the Dan River.

The Jordan River is the longest in Israel, large and impressive. Equally impressive streams flow into it, some of which you can swim and refresh, and enjoy an adventurous and fun cruise, rafting – kayaking, tubing, or an inflatable boat!

The most popular stream for adventurous sailing is Nahal Snir, Hasbani, along which several touristic companies offer various routes – challenging or quiet – and most enjoyable for rafting. Of course, the many kibbutzim in the Golan Heights also offer attractions and activities for travelers in their area. Also, hiking trails in nature at different levels, are just about everywhere!
So, what are you waiting for?

Now is the time to see Mount Hermon and hike north, a pleasant hike!

View of the Saar Waterfall, with Mount Hermon and Nimrod Fortress in the background, in the Golan Heights, Morthern Israel
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