The City Of Old Acre – known as Akko In Israel

The city of Old Acre in Israel has a visitor centre, where you can get a lot of information. It is recommended to check more than one website and purchase combined tickets to visit various museums. Besides museums and archaeology sites, you can find the art in every corner of the city, and in many galleries: unique handicrafts, sculptures, photographs, and paintings. Moreover, there is a large selection of local cuisine restaurants, elegant cafes, and nouvelle-cuisine restaurants among galleries and museums. Additionally, at the Port of Acre, various boats offer different sailing experiences, right in front of the Old City walls. You can even reach the port of Haifa, in a 45-minutes cruise.

View on marina with yachts and ancient walls of harbor in Acre.

Landmarks Of The City Of Old Acre In Israel

There are several landmarks to visit in the beautiful city of Acre, whose name is also Akko.

  • The ‘Crusader Fortress‘, also as the ‘Hospital Fortress,’ is one of the most beautiful fortresses globally. UNESCO has selected this fortress as a cultural heritage site.
  • The ‘Knights’ Halls‘ are halls under the Crusader fortress, whose discover dates back to the Crusades period. The history behind the place is fascinating and you will have a glimpse of the knights’ customs during the Crusader period. Besides having a walk around the halls, you will visit the prisoners’ hall, the Crusader soldiers’ dining room, and the art hall. The entire site is accessible to disabled people.
  • The Al-Jazar Mosque is one of the largest and most magnificent mosques built in Israel during the Ottoman period. The mosque is active today, and the visit must be arranged in advance.
  • The Turkish bath, or ‘Hamam al-Basha’, was built by the Ottoman sultan Ahmad al-Jazar, who ruled in Akko during his reign. The hammam is an ancient, magnificent, and indeed impressive bathhouse. You can also watch a video presentation about the history of the hammam, the Ottoman domination in Israel, and more information about the city.
  • The ‘Eastern Wall’ surrounds Acre and the walk along this wall is pleasant and enjoyable; you can even climb the wall and rejoice a fantastic view of the city. Besides having a walk around the old town, boating is a great way to see and experience the city.

Museums – Art – Cuisine In Acre

The city’s historical museum list includes:

  • the ‘Museum of Underground Prisoners‘, which displays historical records, illustrates the lives of prisoners of the Irgun, Lehi, and Haganah underground, who were detained for defending the settlement and fighting for the rights of the State of Israel.
  • The Museum of Treasures in the Wall‘ preserves the city’s historical heritage through rare items dating back to various periods. You can discover the Acre’s cultural asset in the museum through several historical periods and its inhabitants’ lifestyle.
  • The Okashi Art Museum‘ hosts the permanent collection the artist Avshalom Okashi artworks. He was one of Israeli art’s most influential painters. Moreover, the museum hosts temporary exhibitions of Israeli art as well.

View of the city walls and the fishing harbor at sunset, the old city of Acre
Acre Israel: Aerial footage of the old City and Port of Acre or Akko, Israel.