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The North of Israel is well-known for the Galilee and Mount Hermon. Nevertheless, there are many beautiful places that deserve your attention. Indeed, the North of Israel has a lot of culture, history, and magnificent landscapes. The North of Israel is crossed by a great road network, in the...
Since the starting of the 20th century, visual arts in Israel became influenced by creative artistic orientations from East and West Europe and also from local artistic movements. Indeed, Israeli arts are a blend of different cultures, both locals and Europeans, reflecting the character of the Land of Israel and...
In Israel, many historical places are fundamental for Judaism. Among the many places to visit in Israel, the country's landmarks are full of Jewish history with a very ancient history, which is thousands of years old. Israel is the house of many stunning museums that are architectural masterpieces, like the...
Flowers and Pollinators In Israel, almost 8 million people live in an area of about 21 square kilometres. Nowadays, urban expansion and the modern way of living influence the natural habitats because of the pollution that endangers many vegetal species, which risk extinction. Israel has hundreds of species of wildflowers. Flowers...
I found the highest point overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in Sharon District, Israel - a stunning sea view from here. https://youtu.be/6r9C-exNJBQ
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