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If you plan to stay several days in Israel, then I recommend planning your time so that you have time to聽enjoy a visit to Jerusalem and visit other places in Israel like the Dead Sea and other locations, the list of which is just below. Tiberias is another beautiful place...
The State of Israel counts more than 9 million citizens with an area similar to New Jersey. Not only Israel is one of the most populated countries in the world, but it also holds a Geographical Guinness because the shores of the Dead Sea are the lowest dry point...
The word Aliyah in Hebrew means to ascent or rise, and for many generations, it has been used to indicate immigration to Israel. Israel has always been the centre of the Jewish world and a dreamland where to move. In the 1880s, Jewish groups immigrated to Israel to build...
Inside Israel train
Travelling around in Israel is exciting and fun, and every trip should be planned in advance. There are many ways to explore Israel by walking, taking buses, trains and cars. For some special trips, such as the round trip Masada-Jerusalem, it is essential to plan in advance because it...
On 14 May 1948, the establishment of the State of Israel took place as an independent Jewish and democratic state, fulfilling the Zionism ideals as the national state of the Jewish People. Nobody can dispute the fact that Jewish history is very ancient, and the term Jewish doesn't refer...
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