The City Of Ashdod

The city of Ashdod is located in the south of Israel on the Mediterranean Sea’s shores. It is one of the largest cities in the southern district and one of Israel’s two largest port cities. The foundation of the town as a local council dates back to 1956, and after 12 years, it became a city. From the beginning of its establishment until today, Ashdod has received extensive Jewish immigration worldwide (Aliya). Even the percentage of new immigrants living there is one of the highest in the State of Israel. Ashdod is a city with a unique history and culture, with splendid nature and landscapes.

The Port of Ashdod

The Fascinating City Of Ashdod

Ashdod’s diversified culture has ancient origins. In the 17th century Ashdod was a fortified Canaanite city, and about 500 years later, it became one of the five Philistine cities. Another surprising fact is that Ashdod is mentioned in the Tanach 14 times. The fascinating history, the variegate culture, the sea, and the Mediterranean climate make this beautiful city a unique place.

Landmarks Of The City Of Ashdod

  • Givat Yona‘ is the highest point in Ashdod. Although the hill is only 53 meters above sea level, from the top of the mountain it is possible to see the Lachish River, the port of Ashdod, and on a good day, even the Palmachim beach. You can see the city’s southern shores and the beautiful shores of Ashkelon’s.
  • Givat Yona’s lighthouse is at 138 meters above sea level, and it was built in 1965. The lighthouse in Jaffa’s city was decommissioned, and then it was moved to the Ashdod port. With the beginning of the 2000s and advanced navigation methods, the lighthouse fell into disuse. However, the original structure still stands unchanged, as one of the city’s symbols.
  • Gan Yaffe’ is a place with a tombstone in memory of Yaffa Ben-Ami, the wife of Oved Ben-Ami, one of the city’s founders. Today, some call the entire hill ‘Beautiful Hill.’ But apart from the view and the beauty of the hill, its story is no less fascinating. According to local tradition, this is where the prophet Jonah was expelled from the whale’s mouth. And this should be the place where he was buried.
  • Lachish River Park is between the south bank of Lachish river and the port of Ashdod. A green park, with a promenade, seating space and shades, diverse vegetation, birding stands, and sculptures. The park has various attractions such as pedal boating or paintball.

The Seven Beaches Of Ashdod

The beaches have an international environmental quality mark, i.e. the blue flag. Ashdod’s beaches are some of the cleanest ones in Israel, and spending time there is incredible fun. For surfing enthusiasts, ‘Gil Beach‘ is the city’s surfing beach where national surfing competitions are also held.

The Unique Museums Of Ashdod

  • The ‘Korin Maman Museum of Philistine Culture’ is the first museum to open in 1990. It is the only archaeological museum in the world which focuses on Philistine culture. It is a testimony of Ashdod’s ancient culture, and the Canaanite cities. Today’s technologies create a unique experience with a rotating exhibition, which shows records about ethnography, cultures, customs, and traditions in the sections of the Israeli population.
  • The Ashdod Museum of Art, which opened in 2003, presents an impressive collection of local and international artists. Here, too, unique and fascinating exhibitions await you. Shows include 60s Israeli art, 80s Israeli photography, oriental music exhibition in Israel, and even an exhibition focusing about masculinity in Israeli art.
Photo of a view of the city Ashdod, Israel from the park Park Ashdod-Yam, summer