The Beaches Of Tel Aviv

The beaches of Tel Aviv are famous all over the world. Tel Aviv is the second-largest city in the State of Israel, and it is a vibrant and lively city. There are different names of Tel Aviv such as “A city without a break,” “A city in the making,” “The first Hebrew city,” or “The white city”. To see and experience Tel Aviv, the best way is, of course, to visit it. This city has a central location, and it is a cultural and leisure business centre. Another advantage of the city is the sea. Tel Aviv lies on the Mediterranean Sea’s shores, a tourist destination for about a third of worldwide tourism. Bathing in the ocean and enjoying the sea’s beauty is unique in each of the beaches.

Tel Aviv Skyline

Blue Flag Beaches

From the Herzliya border in the north to the Bat Yam border in the south, Tel Aviv city has spectacular beaches for an extension of 14 kilometres. Each of the 13 different beaches has the blue flag standard mark. The blue flag standard is part of the world’s most extensive branding program under the World Tourism Organization’s supervision. This means that Tel Aviv’s beaches meet international criteria in everything related to water quality, cleanliness, environmental management, beach services, education, and information. The beaches in the city also meet the requirements of the ‘Clean Beach’ program of the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

A Day Of Fun

There is no doubt that Tel Aviv is a dog-friendly city. Indeed, you will find four beaches where dogs are allowed to enter and roam freely. Givat Ha’aliya Beach in Jaffa, Charles Clore Beach, Hilton Beach, and Tel Baruch Beach are fabulous. Whether you come with or without dogs, these are spectacular beaches. You will find on the beaches rescue services, showers, wardrobes, toilets, buffets, rental of chairs and sunbeds.

The Most Popular Beaches Of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s centre is known as a place to hang out, plus with a short walk, you will find yourself in the beaches of the city.

  • Aviv beach is also known as Banana Beach, and it is located in the promenade’s southern part. The south part of the beach is designated for water sports, and there is also a surfing club offering equipment rental and surfboards. Another popular sport on the beach is volleyball.
  • The Carmel Market is located a short walk from the beach, just across the road. A tour of the iconic and colourful market during the day is part of the trip.
  • Bograshov Beach is located in the promenade centre, a short walk from the main Bograshov Street, with many shops, restaurants, and cafes. Also on the beach, there is a cafe-restaurants with all the necessary beach services. Moreover, there are free sports facilities in the open air and playgrounds for children next to them. Hence, this is one of the most favourite beaches for families.
  • The Separate Nordau Beach is the only beach in the city for the religious people. A quiet and calm beach with unique beauty. On Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, the beach is open only to women. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, only men can have access.
  • Mezizim Beach became famous because of the notable homonym film. And, it is a quiet and calm beach with a unique character. Keep the environment clean and follow the lifeguards’ instructions.
Lifeguard towers along Tel-Aviv beach on the coastline of the Mediterranean sea. Israel.