It’s no secret – the northern coastal cities of the State of Israel are one of the most beautiful. And in the town of Nahariya, the northernmost town on the coastal plain, located between Acre and Rosh Hanikra, with the river Ga’aton flowing across it – there is something to offer!

The origin of the name Nahariya, from the word river. Some claim that before the establishment of the state, the first settlers saw the Ga’aton River as a river – and some would say that the choice of the name influenced the nearby Arab village a-Nahar. But apart from the river that has become the symbol of the city – spectacular beaches, archeological sites, city parks, shopping complexes and more – so on a trip to Nahariya, you can easily find everything!

Nahariya north coastal city in Israel.

The beaches of Nahariya

In Nahariya beaches are declared with lifeguard services during the bathing season, so every visit to beaches of Nahariya, is a guaranteed pleasure:

Gali Galil Beach is one of the cleanest and most well-kept beaches in Israel. The beach is accessible and suitable for wheelchair users or parents arriving with a toddler in a stroller. Apart from the well-known beach facilities such as sheds, playgrounds, and more – in the summer months, an active pool complex for a fee, for the residents and visitors to the city.

Sokolov Beach, located on the edge of the city promenade, offers a functional training complex with stunning sea views, free full barbecues, and a variety of places to sit and relax, as well as a lively and fun complex of bars and restaurants.

For the religious public, a separate beach – ‘Shirat Hayam Beach.’ The beach is located in the northern part of the city promenade. Bathing days for women: Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Bathing days for men: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Like all known coastal cities, Nahariya also has a variety of hotels!
The most sought after and beloved are, of course – with the sea view. You can find large hotels with spa services, boutique hotels, and holiday apartments – in a wide range of prices, right on the sea or around the city – and depending on every need and every budget, of course.

Coastal line of Nahariya

Nahariya for history lovers

The city of Nahariya has many years of history. To learn about it in the best way, it is recommended to visit the archeological sites in the city – and it is a fascinating experience!

On a tour of the archeological sites of Nahariya, you will see the remains of a temple from the Middle Bronze and Late Bronze Ages. Tel Nahariya – with the remains of a wall and fortress from the Middle Bronze Age to the Hellenistic period. ‘Sorsok Blessing’ – Remains of a canal from the Byzantine period. The Byzantine church – a church with an impressive mosaic, testifies to an ancient settlement, and you can even see the remains of the Roman road from Antioch to Acre – paved in 56 AD!

The archeological sites are spread throughout the city; it is recommended to reach them by private car and walk in the morning or afternoon – when it is not very hot.

Remains of an ancient Roman aqueduct between Acre and Nahariya at night

Nahariya for the whole family

‘Age park’ – designed for children up to age 8 with green lawns, shade sheds, and playgrounds, as well as the ‘adventure park’ in the southern part of the promenade with a climbing wall, rope carousel, light and sound complex and a variety of surprises – are just examples of the many attractions waiting. For families!

Of course, even outside the city, there a lot to see – less than a quarter of an hour drive north of Nahariya, is Rosh Hanikra – one of the most beautiful tourist sites of the State of Israel! Its many attractions include a cable car ride, bicycles or electric vehicles, an amazing sonic light show, and the spectacular caves themselves – a visit to Rosh Hanikra is a whole day of a most enjoyable trip!

About a quarter of an hour drive in the other direction, south, is the city of Acre. With the famous harbor, colorful market, and glorious history alongside an exciting and young atmosphere. The city of Acre has a variety of things to do – and it can even be a destination for a trip on its own, but we will expand on that another time …

In the meantime, do not hesitate – take a walk!
On a trip to Nahariya and the surrounding area, the fun experience is guaranteed for everyone – have a Nice trip!

Pedestrian zone with palm trees at night in city of Nahariya, Israel
Aerial view to the city of Nahariya, Israel
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