Arad is a beautiful town. It is situated in Israel, on a mountain pass in the Judean desert. The ancient Arad is mentioned in the Bible. It was destroyed more than 2,700 years ago. Modern Arad is a well-designed town. It does not know traffic or parking problems. It was founded more than 45 years ago. The location of modern Arad has got a lot of advantages. To the East is the Dead Sea. And in the suburbs of the town you can find the Judean desert and the Eastern Negev.

Three luxury hotels and another cheap one are always opened for visitors. If you want you can stop at new hostels. There are very good restaurants of different cuisines in Arad: Mediterranean, international, Chinese, cafes and middle Eastern ones. National food of Israel is an integral part of Mediterranean cuisine. A great influence on it has a religion. According to Jewish law, it is impossible to eat pork, crustaceans, molluscs… Meat and dairy are served separately. But there are many restaurants that offer cuisines of different nations of the world, including Russian.

The city’s only shopping center, Arad Mall, is located in the Northern part of the commercial centre. You can visit the local market which is opened on Mondays. You can get around the town by bus or on a taxi. Don’t worry the tickets in public transport don’t cost much. But if you like comfort it would be better to choose a taxi.

There are many sights in Arad. Visitors can choose any of the tours. The most popular is Holistic tourism which makes possible to perceive the rest as a unique spiritual experience. Tours in the Negev desert are interesting too. If you prefer the active way of life you’d like long walks and different events. You’Il be interested in archaeological and tourist places. Try the cycling, jeep rides or hiking in the desert. Have o good picnic on a special spot located not far from West of Arad.

There are many museums too. First of all pay attention to the Museum named “Biblical Arad”. In will tell the story of the Canaanite city and the Israeli fortress of Tel Arad. Don’t forget about National Park Tel Arad. Look at the remains of the Canaanite city-fortress and the fortress of the Royal period. You will never forget a Jewish temple, altar and a true water plant.

Masada national Park is another attraction of the city. The mountainous stronghold is situated at the edge of the Judean desert near the Dead Sea. King Herod decorated it with a large luxury. Everyone will be admired with the magnificent ruins of castles, frescoes, marble bath, and synagogue. The park has got a cable car. You can watch the movie. There are interesting exhibits and a unique gallery.

Arad is a fantastic place which has many attractions. Be sure you’d love it.