The Dead Sea in Israel is the lowest landmass globally, and it is located 434 meters below sea level. The unique lake in the south of the country has a very high salinity concentration of about 34%, which is ten times greater than the Mediterranean salinity. Its English name stems from the fact that no marine creature can live at such a high salinity level. The Dead Sea has become a global tourist attraction because of the exceptional level of salinity and rare chemical composition, along with the climate and desert landscape around it. The desert in the Dead Sea area has a unique charm. Besides bathing in the Dead Sea, there are historical sites and various hiking trails at a short drive away. There are unique and rare nature and landscapes in this magical place, which you don’t find easily worldwide.

The shoaled Dead Sea at coast of Israel. The condensed salt out over a water surface

The Beaches At The Dead Sea

Bathing in the Dead Sea is peaceful and calm. The concentration of salinity ensures you to float in the water all the time. Also, the Dead Sea shores are active throughout the year, and it is even recommended to visit them in the transition seasons, i.e. autumn or spring, due to the hot temperature in the summer months. The most touristy beaches are in the Ein Bokek and Neve Zohar area. They are open to the public free of charge,. You can find various restaurants, rent chairs, sunbeds, and parasols; even if you forgot to bring flip flops or a towel, you could buy beachwear, cosmetics, and souvenirs from the many shops near the beaches.

The following beaches are less crowded, and they are accessible by car with paid parking:

  • Kalia Beach offers accommodations, camping and many activities for families.
  • Bianchini Beach has a Moroccan restaurant and a large swimming pool next to the beach.
  • In Mineral Beach聽you can enjoy a sulfur water pool in addition to the pleasant and quiet beach.
  • Oasis Beach offers the most enjoyable Greek tavern nights.

Excursions In Desert

Even if the Dead Sea itself is the leading destination of your trip, the unique nature that surrounds deserves a long excursion.

  • Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is the largest oasis in Israel. The reserve is home to goats, rock faces, and other desert animals. Hence, it is essential to maintain cleanliness throughout the trip. The hiking trails in the nature reserve are the most enjoyable. In the Nahal Arugot reserve,聽the Waterfall of David and the Cave of David have small and refreshing pools and a stunning view of the Dead Sea. This area will make your trip very enjoyable.
  • Another site of great historical importance is the Masada National Park. The impressive cliff overlooking the Dead Sea and the Judean Desert, with the ancient fortress, has a vibrant history: the days of the destruction of the Second Temple, the end of the Kingdom of Judah, the Maccabean Revolt, Bar Kochba, and much more make this suggestive place historically unique. You can reach the cliff’s top of Masada by cable car or by walking. The antiquities and archaeological remains, along with the spectacular view from above, have made the Masada National Park a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most visited places in Israel.
View on Dead Sea from Masada fortress, Israel

Ein Bokek

The Dead Sea hotels offer a pampering and an enjoyable vacation in the lowest place in the world. You can find hotels of all types and in a wide range of prices. The large selection allows you to choose between the large touristic companies in Israel, which often offer different spa packages to complete the experience and more modest hotels. For those who want to connect much more with nature, Ein Bokek is a hotel and resort district, where there is also a good camping site free of charge. The Dead Sea and the Judean Desert offer the perfect balance between breathtaking nature and relaxing vacation. It is the ideal combination for the perfect vacation, which will leave you unforgettable memories of magical and rare places.