Mitzpe Ramon

Mitzpe Ramon is a small local council in the Negev centre, next to the beautiful Ramon Crater. Moreover, it is about 150 kilometres north of Eilat and about 80 kilometres south of Beer Sheva, at an altitude of approximately 900 meters above sea level. Mitzpe Ramon’s location, the desert, combined with the area’s size, create a unique climate: warm weather but not too hot in the summer, and cold weather in the winter months. Besides, once every few years, it even snows in the area. Above all, the real reason for the place’s attractiveness is the great desert, the desert experience, and the unique places to explore. This blog post is about all the most fascinating experiences and activities you can experience on a Mitzpe Ramon trip.

View of Makhtesh Ramon Crater, Negev Desert, Israel

The Ramon Crater – A Rare Natural Treasure

A crater is a depression, which remains in the Earth’s crust. In Israel, the recesses are formed by drifting forces, i.e., from the flow of sediment on the rock layers. Therefore, they are drifting cavities, or erosive crater, due to the word erosion, because of the rock erosion resulting from the drifting action.

The Natural Reserve Of Ramon Crater

The Ramon Crater is the most massive erosion crater in the world. It is one of the five depressions in the Negev, and it is located right next to Mitzpe Ramon. The cavity is about 40 kilometres long, and about 9 km wide; even its maximum depth is awe-inspiring, being about 350 meters. Many desert animals reside in the Ramon Crater, which is their natural habitat. For instance, there are chamois, lizards, snakes, wild animals, jackals, foxes, and much more among the local fauna. Please keep the site clean during the visit for the environment’s sake.

Camping In Ramon Crater

In Ramon Crater, there is a visitor centre with a breathtaking view of the crater, with all the information you will need to trip to the area. In the heart of Ramon Crater, there is a night camp where you can sleep outdoors in Khan Barut or in a Nabataean road lodge in Khan Saharonim. The many hiking trails in the area, the wonderful and unique geological phenomena certainly allow for a hike longer than one day.

Hiking In Ramon Crater

The small crater is less impressive in size being about 8 kilometres long, with a wideness of about 6 kilometres, and a depth of about 400 kilometres; nevertheless, its beauty is infinite. There are various trails, colourful sandstones, unique desert animals, and fun hiking trails in the small crater. It is essential to mention that if you have chosen the hiking trails in each of the cavities, avoid the hot hours, stock up fresh water and check if there is a flood risk.

Two ibexes stand on the cliff above the higway at Ramon Crater (Makhtesh Ramon) in Negev Desert in Israel.

Activities For Families In Mitzpe Ramon

The development of tourism in Mitzpe Ramon is undoubtedly noticeable. The small regional council, for instance, has a variety of boutique hotels, bars, and restaurants. Besides, it seems that there are many plans for future constructions. However, for now, let’s focus on unique activities for families:

  • The Alpaca Farm is the only place in the country where you can see alpacas. The alpaca belongs to the camel family.
  • Stargazing, astronomy, and guided tours all day and night, with Ramon Crater’s announcement as an ‘international starlight reserve‘ (the first in Israel and the entire Middle East!). In 2017, by the American IDA, International Dark-Sky Association, Observations Nights of the sky, astronomical guides, and fascinating tours had become familiar not only in the Ramon Crater but all over the great desert that surrounds the area! There are tours for all ages, families, adults, and much more. All of them are highly recommended!

In conclusion, enjoy the uniqueness and the magic of the desert that never ends! Have a pleasant journey in Mitzpe Ramon!

View of an old quarry, turned into a national park display, in Makhtesh (crater) Ramon, the Negev Desert, southern Israel
View on narrow highway running through Ramon Crater at Negev desert in Israel.