Safed is one of the four holy cities and is considered the capital of the Upper Galilee. On the summit of Mount Canaan and the forum of Mount Safed, the city of Safed is located at an altitude of about 850 to 900 meters above sea level.

The city of Safed has a significant history and is of great importance to the Jewish people as a religious center and pilgrimage center. Add to that the stunning view from it – to the Sea of ​​Galilee and the combination of well-preserved historic buildings alongside modern construction, naturally Safed becomes a fascinating tourist site!

Entrance to the grave of Rabbi Shimon-bar Yochai in Mount Meron near the northern Israeli city of Safed.
jewish cemetery, Safed, Upper Galilee, Israel

The alleys of the Old City of Safed

Safed is a picturesque city with a unique charm. A walking tour of the old town’s alleys will make you fall in love with the city and its unique atmosphere.

The alleys of the Old City have a mystic aroma, and their history – it is all Israel, as well as their spirituality and symbolism – they are all the Jewish people. You will find art galleries, impressive synagogues, small but essential museums, and various kosher flavors and delicacies in restaurants, treats, or even wineries in the alleys.

On Saturdays(Shabbat), it is enjoyable to wander the city’s quiet alleys, but keep in mind that the shops are closed. On the other hand, in the middle of the week, the many shops and attractions in the city are lively, crowded and attract many tourists and visitors!

The ancient synagogues of Safed

The ancient synagogues are impressive in beauty, and behind every one of them – a fascinating story!
A visit to the ancient temples of Safed will provide great interest for everyone.

The Sephardic Ari Synagogue – considered the oldest synagogue in Safed. The temple is mentioned in Rabbi Moshe Basula’s book from 1522. The synagogue was damaged by the great earthquake in Safed in 1837 but was impressively restored by philanthropist Yitzhak Guetta.

The Ashkenazi Ari Synagogue – was established in the 16th century by immigrants from Spain, but was used by the Ashkenazi community after the Hasidic aliyah.

The Rabbi Yosef Caro Synagogue – a synagogue from the 16th century, was the best midrash of Rabbi Yosef Caro – one of the greatest arbitrators, author of ‘Shulchan Aruch,’ ‘Silver Mishnah,’ ‘Beit Yosef’ and more.

In the heart of the Old City in an impressive 16th-century building – the Abohav Synagogue. In the synagogue, on a wall facing Jerusalem – three arks. In the right closet, one of the oldest Torah scrolls in the city, according to tradition, was written by Rabbi Yitzchak Abohav.

Another synagogue in the Old City’s heart – the Alsheikh Synagogue, where, according to tradition, the “Holy Alsheikh” Rabbi Moshe Alsheikh, prayed. To this day, an ancient Torah crown with a sacred inscription from 1434 and many old Torah scrolls are well preserved in the Alsheikh Synagogue.

old stone house

Art in Safed – The Artists’ Campus

Many artists in several fields tell the story of Safed through art. The Artists’ Campus is located right in the heart of the Old City – and combines Judaism, culture, architecture, history, and the past, present, and future together. The great inspiration of the city brought to it many artists from the country and the world.
The Artists’ Campus is the place where they present their works, some of which you can also purchase, of course—paintings in various techniques, Judaica, glass art, jewelry, photographs, sculptures, and more.
Spectacular art is in its beauty and exciting; in essence, you will find it in abundance – and it will provide you with great pleasure while touring the Artists’ Campus in Safed.

Safed is a city that inspires you

Whether you have chosen a tour of the Synagogues, a visit to the city’s museums or many galleries, or even if you have come for a holiday in one of the most luxurious hotels or visited the unique restaurants in the town, every trip will upgrade your experience.

Aerial view of Tsfat/Safed in Israel


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