Touching the stones of the Western Wall

Explore Jerusalem with GoPro action camera. Let's touch the stones of the Western Wall.
Old Jerusalem city by Night

The Old Jerusalem – Informations with photos and videos

It's really impossible to describe the old city of Jerusalem in few words. To say that the old Jerusalem is one of the most unique places in the world, it is not enough and not only because of the amount...

Amazing children singing at western wall

A million and a half Jewish children were murdered by the Nazis, BUT - Israel Is Forever - Am Ysrael Chai and Jerusalem in our hands, no more Holocaust🔥✡️🇮🇱

From Ben Gurion to Jerusalem by train

Nice video tape of fast train from Ben Gurion train station to Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Jaffa Road Walking

Explore Jerusalem with GoPro action camera. Today, let's travel to Jaffa street. Jaffa Street most visited street in Jerusalem for thousands of visitors.
Old Jerusalemvideo

Walls of Jerusalem

Explore Jerusalem with GoPro camera. Today, let's travel to Jerusalem's Old City walls. The Old Jerusalem walls have eight gates that today are still open but the Gate of Mercy. The busiest entrance is the Jaffa Gate next to...

Jerusalem city

Jerusalem leave inside the visitors from all over the world, since it's one unique places of the world since in Jerusalem a lot archaeological sites plus for many people in the world Jerusalem have spiritual meaning like the Jewish,...

Relax to mountain coast

Today, let's travel and relax to mountain coast of Hadera - best place for meditation in Israel close to sea.

Netanya city, Israel

Netanya is a city 30 km northern of Tel Aviv, in this video, we will walk along the embankment of Netanya with a beautiful view of the sea.

I love TLV, I love sea

Explore Israel travel with GoPro camera. Today, let's travel to sea in Tel Aviv city, Israel.