Today is Israel Memorial Day. Honour to all the fallen soldiers and civilians.馃敟

Hi, my name is Shalom, and I want to tell my story. Let’s back to 2005. I bought a big white paper for my new painting (well, I like to paint) and on the way to the shop, I passed the Hadera market. But 5 minutes later, I heard the biggest explosion (I will never forget this Boom); it was a terror attack in the Hadera market where five people died.

I ask myself what if I was passing there 5 minutes before?!

I hope a lot never but never more hear about terrorism in Israel, enough blood…enough it …in the holy land of Israel must be only peace – please pray for peace in Israel and let’s think for a while about all the fallen soldiers and civilians.馃敟

I collected interesting videos related to Israel Memorial Day

Israelis singing from their balconies on the eve of Israel’s Memorial Day

Israeli Memorial Day Siren

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