Israel celebrates 73 years of independence – yesssss, MAZAL TOV!
I love You Israel you are only place in the world, where I feel my self connected to my Jewish roots, I Thank G-d for His gift by name Israel.

I love Israel

Why I love Israel?

  1. I love Israel for Jerusalem and many other holy locations, where I can pray as Jew and be proud on it.
  2. YES, IDF – The Israel Defence Forces most capable military forces in the world – IDF proved it:
    * War of Independence
    * Sinai War
    * Six-Day War (Jerusalem in our hands)
    * Yom Kippur War
    * First Lebanon War
    * Second Lebanon War
    * Operation Pillar of Defence
    * …IDF always wins, since G-d with Israel!
  3. Israel is the start-Up land, just check in Google, how many startups are based in Israel.
  4. The weather – I like sun and sea, all it we have in Israel and in winter time we have a rain and nice cold.
  5. I don鈥檛 need go to the synagogue to commune with hAshem. I meet with hAshem every time, when I see holy land.
  6. Please watch this playlist about beautiful and strong and spiritual Israel:
Happy Independence Day to you Israel

Israel is my family and my home, you are welcome visit Israel too.