The city of Tel Aviv is not only the green capital of the Middle East and the city with the highest amount of startups in the world, but it’s also an artistic capital with so many museums and art galleries to impress everyone who visits it for the first time. Tel Aviv is an extraordinary city in every sense, and it never stops to astonish tourists coming from all over the world. Indeed, there are so many art sites to visit that a week is not enough. There is some hint to see the best art galleries and museums in Tel Aviv in this post. Enjoy the reading!

Rabin Square, Tel Aviv

Best Art Galleries In Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a vibrant city overflowing with art, culture, galleries and museums. Tel Aviv is Israel’s artistic and cultural capital city, besides the technological one, with autochthonous expertise and brilliant international talents conferring very often. The city is bustling with lively markets, street art, magnificent beaches, and gourmet food. Tel Aviv is Israel’s around the clock destination with unique places to visit and exciting things to do every day.

Famous Jewish personalities on graffiti at Tel Aviv promenade

This is the list of best art galleries in Tel Aviv.

Sommer Contemporary Art

Sommer Contemporary supports Israeli artists and international artists, exhibiting their artworks, both internationally and locally. The gallery also tutors future art curators. This gallery shows pretty unusual objects of art that are considered to be some of the most prominent in Israel. Sommer Contemporary Art is on 13 Rothschild Boulevard, in Tel Aviv.

Chelouche Gallery

Chelouche gallery exposes local and international artists’ artworks focused on modern interpretations and using new materials. This gallery is inside a big and majestic Bauhaus style double house. The Chelouche Gallery is a prominent showroom in Israel displaying works with different techniques such as video art, sculpture, painting, installations, and photography. Exhibitions vary constantly, and the stunning places of this gallery are the roof terrace and grand lounge, where it is delightful to be immersed in the ambience of the display. This gallery is on 7 Maze Street, in Tel Aviv.

Beit Ha’ir

Formerly the Mayor’s office, Beit Ha’ir, is part of the Bialik White City complex. The venue displays contemporary art created to stimulate perceptions and involve the visitors. Beit Ha’ir is a historic building that is deeply rooted in the Israeli cultural movements. The permanent exhibition of the gallery outlines the development and growth of Tel Aviv. There are usually cultural events with picturesque panoramas of the city on its roof terrace, in 27 Bialik Street, in Tel Aviv.


The name of Meshuna Gallery means “transported” since the gallery has as purpose to propose an unconventional art experience in a lively ambience. It is well-known for the vibrant street art on its walls; indeed, it is a bizarre and popular gallery that is located on 112 Herzl, in Tel Aviv.

Center For Contemporary Art

The Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) is devoted entirely to experimental and modern art. Most artworks on display are inspired by different themes proposed by the gallery, making each exhibition a unique experience. The centre hosts events all over the year.

Indie & Hanina

Indie & Hanina is a gallery where exhibition spaces and education areas are combined together. New and confirmed artists’ artworks are on display. Additionally, indie artists apprentice with video and photography since Hanina Gallery uses a wide variety of mediums. The gallery is a non-profit organisation striving to represent several types of Israeli art. The particular education space hosts a variety of artistic activities for visitors. The gallery is on 25 Hanina Street, Jaffa, Tel Aviv.

Binyamini Ceramic Center

Binyamini Ceramic Center was established in 2011, and it is a non-profit dedicated to ceramic art. This art gallery is an excellent place to find elegant and original ceramics. The centre hosts classes and workshops for every level, and it is located at 17 Ha’amal Street, Tel Aviv.

Art Space

The purpose of Art Space is to encourage the art and culture in Israel. Art Space nowadays hosts more than sixty rising and renowned artists. The exhibitions switch every two weeks displaying two artists at a time. Visitors are welcome to see the artworks in progress and see the artists in action at 6 Shvil Ha-Merets Street, Tel Aviv.

Ilana Goor Museum

Ilana Goor has been a venerated Israeli artist for more than 60 years. She self-learned utterly, and she is recognised as a multi-disciplinary artist. Goor was the first woman to display her artworks at the California Museum of Science and Industry in Los Angeles in 1972. Her collection is hosted in a 300-year-old building with unique landscapes at Mazal Dagim St 4 in Jaffa.

Ilan Adar Studio

Ilan Adar is a talented painter, photographer and sculptor. His collection includes various setups and both two and three-dimensional contemporary creations. He employs a wide variety of materials to produce his unique artworks. His studio is in the centre of Jaffa, and it is an exceptional place that is worth the visit at 14 Kikar Kedumim, Jaffa.

Beit Kandinof

Beit Kandinof is absolutely a unique concept of an art gallery combined with a restaurant. The Beit Kandinof complex is one of a kind historic building in the old city of Jaffa. It includes five galleries holding exhibitions that vary regularly. Studio is located at 14 Hatzorfim, Jaffa, and at its centre, there is a restaurant where gourmet and fresh meals are served with delicious cocktails.

The Ten Best Tel Aviv Museums聽

There are several museums in Tel Aviv. The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, The Beit Hatfutsot, and The Museum of the Diaspora are among the most important museums of Tel Aviv.

Moreover, there are also historical museums such as the Museum of the History of Tel Aviv-Yafo, the Bauhaus Museum, and the Reuven Rubin Museum. Many other museums populate the city centre and the surroundings of Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The Tel Aviv Museum Of Art

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is undoubtedly one of the most excellent museums of modern art in the world. The museum includes a vast new wing, and it has an extensive collection of Israeli and well-known international artists whose artworks are exposed in an unbelievably beautiful building.

The Beit Hatfutsot or The Museum Of The Jewish People

The Beit Hatfutsot is also well-known as The Museum of the Jewish People. It’s a fascinating institution placed inside the campus of Tel Aviv University in the neighbourhood of Ramat Aviv in north Tel Aviv.

The museum is devoted to showing Jewish life during the diaspora across thousands of years by means of interesting and original displays. Hence this museum worths a visit! Indeed, this museum is equivalent to a journey into Jewish history back in time, and it’s a place where it is a pleasure to spend a whole day.

The Eretz Israel Museum – The Museum Of The Land Of Israel

The Eretz Israel Museum is located in Ramat Aviv, not so far from Beit Hatfutsot. It’s also well-known as The Museum of the Land of Israel. This institution is essentially an archaeological museum, and it has various pavilions arranged beautifully in a stunning building in the north of the centre of Tel Aviv. It directs most of the exhibition around the history of Judaism and Israel.

The Bauhaus Museum

The Bauhaus Museum is a boutique gallery and museum on Bialik Street. It exposes the history and progress of Bauhaus design, which is the dominant architectural style in the heart of Tel Aviv. The White City of Tel Aviv is a UNESCO recognised site, and it is mainly made of shining white Bauhaus buildings. The Bauhaus Museum offers an impressive view of the fabulous Bauhaus architectural style in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is recognized as an international organization UNESCO City Museum Bauhaus architectural style.

The Reuven Rubin Museum

In the same Bialik Street, there is another museum that is the Reuven Rubin Museum. This museum is the old house of one of the most influential artists of Israel. It shows the artworks of Rubin and also of other artists.

The Bialik Museum

Nearly close to The Rubin Museum, The Bialik Museum was the home of the first great modern Hebrew poet, Haim Nachman Bialik. The poetry of Bialik is entirely written in Hebrew or Yiddish; nevertheless, in the museum, there are explanations and information in English. The setting and furniture provide a great perspective of the life of the intellectual European immigrants in Tel Aviv through the 1920s.

The Bialik Museum

The Museum Of The History Of Tel Aviv

The Museum of the History of Tel Aviv-Yafo is located in the transformed Town Hall of Tel Aviv, which is an impressive building situated in Bialik Street. The museum was inaugurated some years ago, and it has excellent multimedia that display the chronicles of the captivating history of Tel Aviv, dating back to its establishing until the modern day.

The Azrieli Observatory

The Azrieli Observatory is located on the top floor of the Azrieli Circular Tower, which is Tel Aviv’s tallest building. In the observatory, it is possible to admire a fantastic view of all the city of Tel Aviv and the coastline, which spreads approximately 50km from the north and to the south. Additionally, in the observatory, there is also a lounge bar.

Aerial skyline of Tel Aviv,

In this blog post, there is a panoramic view of all the art places in Tel Aviv that are worth a visit, and each one of them is unique in its genre. There is never so much time to explore all of them in a journey; nevertheless, it is possible to discover the artistic history of Tel Aviv step by step and learn about the ancient history of Israel and Judaism through the viewpoints of the different artists, admiring their artworks.

Tel Aviv is really stunning from all points of view, and it never stops to surprise the visitors and Israeli residents. Its magnificence is well-known all over the world.