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Tel Aviv has lovely streets that tourists and locals love. The streets of Tel Aviv are crowded with bars, pubs, restaurants, book fairs, art galleries, bookshops, beaches, groceries, markets and much more. Every street of Tel Aviv is named after artists, leaders, politicians, writers and other important public figures...
Tel Aviv is a city that deserves at least a day of exploration. This city is not only big but also has a lot to offer. Indeed, whatever you will need, you will find it in Tel Aviv. It is a modern, vibrant, carefree city on the Mediterranean Sea,...
Tel Aviv is home to almost 4000 Bauhaus architecture styled buildings, which makes Tel Aviv the city with the world's most extensive collection of Bauhaus buildings. The history of Bauhaus starts during the arising of the Nazis in Germany in 1933 when the Bauhaus design school closed, and tens...
Tel Aviv street art offers a fantastic artistic experience to every visitor. Indeed the street art of Tel Aviv is enchanting, adorning the city with its magic charm. Even though there are several graffitis all over the city wherever you walk, particular neighbourhoods are renowned for their unique artistic...
Florentin is a neighbourhood of Tel Aviv, which is located聽in south Tel Aviv and to the east of Neve Tzedek. Florentin is a blend of urban contrasts where you find small workshops adjacent to residential buildings, young residents beside elderly residents, the immigrants and the indigenous. Many old buildings are...
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