The word Aliyah in Hebrew means to ascent or rise, and for many generations, it has been used to indicate immigration to Israel. Israel has always been the centre of the Jewish world and a dreamland where to move. In the 1880s, Jewish groups immigrated to Israel to build communities, settling a new like in the country. The term Aliyah has been used officially for immigration to Israel as soon as the State of Israel started integrating Jews from abroad in its society through the Law of Return. All kinds of Jews made and continue to make Aliyah from all ages, backgrounds, and countries.

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The Aliyah Process

The procedure to make Aliyah starts with an application form to fill with personal information details. At that point, you will be assigned to an Aliyah advisor, who will inform you about which documents are needed based on your Aliyah status. The following step consists of gathering the necessary documents and interviewing a Jewish Agency, Shaliach, who is a representative. Once your application has been approved, you will receive an Aliyah visa.

Upon Arrival In Israel

When new immigrants arrive in Israel, they get different documents such as:

  1. Teudah Oleh聽from Misrad Haklita, which is the Ministry of Aliyah and integration, is an Oleh booklet.
  2. Temporary Teudah Zehut聽is an Israeli ID card.
  3. Healthcare Registration Form聽is a way for New Olim to sign up and register at a Kupat Cholim(The hospital office in Hebrew is Kupat Holim).
  4. First Cash Payment Of Sal Klita.
  5. Note Of Future Bank Account聽that must be stamped by the Israeli bank where you opened an account.
  6. Israeli SIM Card聽usually includes 5 thousand minutes and a 6 GB of internet package with a tree-months plan.

Teudat Zehut

Every Israeli citizen gets a Teudat Zehut that is an Israeli personal identification. This document consists of a card with personal information and a sefach, a paper addendum with personal information such as name and ID numbers relative to the immediate family members. Nowadays, the new biometric Teudat Zehut is available, which contains an image of the facial features and fingerprints of the ID holder. This database of identification is meant to prevent fraud and identity theft. There are different steps to get a biometric Teudat Zehut:

Teudah Zehut聽is an Israeli ID card.
  1. The first step consists in booking an appointment at Misrad Hapnim(Israeli Ministry of the Interior) using an Israeli phone number.
  2. Get the temporary Teudat Zehut at Misrad Hapnim, bringing different documents such as an original birth certificate with apostille, an original marital status certificate with apostille, original proof of Judaism, and a valid foreign passport.
  3. The Teudat Zehut will be sent to your home address in 7-10 business days, and Misrad Hapnim will send you your contact information via SMS with a code that you will give to the courier.
  4. You must confirm the receipt of your new ID card.

If lost or stolen biometric ID cards are lost, call the 24-hour call centre *3450 or contact the Population and Immigration Authority offices.

Israel flags in a chain over blue sky. Independence Day of Israel.

Opening A Bank Account

The second step consists in opening a bank account once you get the Teudat Zehut and Teudat Oleh. It is enough to deposit some cash or a check into your new account to activate it.

Kupot Cholim – Healthcare Services

In Israel, there are different health care services: Clalit, Leumit, Maccabi, and Meuhedet. Every health plan includes various benefits.

Arnona – Municipal Tax

In every city of Israel, it is necessary to pay a property tax that is named Arnona. This tax is calculated base on the size of the residence, and initially, for the first 24 months, Olim are granted a discount on Arnona. Hence, when you move to a new apartment, you need to transfer the Arnona bill to your name. It is recommended to go to the municipality with a contract, the last Arnona bill, Teudat Zehut, Teudat Oleh, and bank account information.

Israeli Passport

It is essential to book an appointment at Misrad Hapnim to get an Israel passport. When you go to Misrad Hapnim, you have to bring your Teudat Zehut and your credit card. You will receive your Israeli biometric passport to your home address in 7-10 business days following your application day.