Nahariya is the northernmost coastal city of Israel, and it has a growing population of more than 54 thousand inhabitants. This city is at the last stop of a train line, and it is close to Rosh HaNikra; Nahariya is featured by white sandstone caves and a vibrant atmosphere even though it is a small city. The nightlife of Nahariya is spectacular and pure fun. Its centre is lively and energetic with a wide boulevard that is divided by a river and lined with several bars, hotels, restaurants and shops. Moreover, Nahariya has unique seafront bars and restaurants, providing the sun and sea lovers with an ideal holiday journey. This seashore city is well-known for its variegate architectural style full of history. Among the landmarks of Nahariya, there is the聽Ga’aton Boulevard that extraordinarily reminds the South Beach and Lincoln Avenue in Miami Beach, in Florida, which is its twin city.

Nahariya is the northernmost coastal city in Israel.

In the summertime and beautiful days, the Mediterranean sun is beaming brightly on the white buildings that are roofed with traditional terracotta tiles while the visitors and locals stroll around the streets. Along the streets of the city centre, there are caf茅, shops and several palm trees. The Ga’aton Boulevard is split by the Ga’aton River that flows into the Mediterranean Sea. Farther north, there is a fishing dock where it is enjoyable to have a walk among the fishermen who are active all over the year. Besides the fishing dock, there is a small bay where it is beautiful to swim, and this beach is a fantastic place to relax through the summertime. For water sports lovers, kayaking and launching sea-going boats are two fun activities of this area. Wind-surfing is another sport that is mainly practised in the northern region of Achziv Beach.

Another attraction of Nahariya is the聽Lieberman House Museum, a home-turned-museum with an exhibition about the city’s early years during the settlement of the German Jews who emigrated from Europe. When the new immigrants arrived in Israel, in the area between Akko and Rosh HaNikra, they purchased the land from a Lebanese family, worked it, created plantations and roads, and built farms. A combination of intelligent agriculture and business allowed them to succeed, and the farmers became local authorities, founding companies still in function.

Aerial view to the city of Nahariya.

Nahariya has its charming small and quiet city among the other larger coastal towns. It is possible to visit this beautiful town by train, being the last stop of the track at Ga’aton Boulevard. The British built the railroad during their Mandate, and it extends to Rosh HaNikra crossing the border into Lebanon. In 1946, the Carmel unit of the Haganah resistance group destroyed the tracks crossing the grottos of Rosh HaNikra. Nowadays, a significant part of the path between Ga’aton Boulevard and Rosh HaNikra has been eliminated, causing the end of the railway exactly in Nahariya. This beautiful city is ideal for relaxing and exploring further north in Israel, such as the Galilee. Indeed, this tiny treasure of the Mediterranean Sea offers fun and entertainment for everyone, enjoying the sunshiny beach and the fantastic Ga’aton Boulevard with the Lieberman House Museum.

Coastal line of Nahariya

The nine landmarks of Nahariya

There are nine landmarks in Nahariya that deserve to be explored:

  1. The Achziv Beach National Park聽is located in the city’s northern area, close to Kiryat Gershon Tez. This natural park owns diversified wildlife such as sea turtles living in their natural environment. It is the ideal park for families also because of the sea pools with shallow and deep waters. The Achziv Beach National Park has a rocky beach that stretches over 5 km until Ladder Ridge, at the border between Israel and Lebanon. There are many picnic areas and some camping sites close to the beach. Visitors can also fish at the beach in an area close to deep waters. Many amenities such as restrooms and showers are available for the public. On the right side of the coast, there are archaeological remnants of the biblical town of Akhziv, and this place offers breathtaking viewpoints.
  2. The Nahariya Botanic Garden and Zoo聽are located in the north of Nahariya, near Giv’at Trumpeldor. Many wild animals such as meerkats and caves like in this area. All children of every age will enjoy this fantastic location also because the zoo has many well-kept beautiful green spaces that are attractive even for tourists. It is common to have an outdoor picnic in specific areas, especially for a family late lunch.
  3. Sokolov Beach聽is situated in the southern area of the centre of Nahariya, and it is considered family-friendly, mainly because of the shallow waters and lifeguards. This beach is bustling during the summer months, and it is the perfect spot to enjoy relaxing and pleasant seaside walks. Professional surfers love this beach. Close to Sokolov Beach, there are shops for visitors who can also use local facilities. This fantastic tourist destination is close to the promenade area of Nahariya, and it is characterized by a vast range of eateries and shops.
  4. The Byzantine Church聽is situated in the eastern area of Nahariya, and it is featured with breathtaking mosaic floors with sixteen different colours. This beautiful mosaic was discovered in 1964. Moreover, this Byzantine Church is the largest and most beautiful church in the region of the Western Galilee in Israel. Indeed, the Byzantine Church of Nahariya is a masterpiece of architecture and a magnificent place.
  5. The Sculpture Park Centre And The Municipality Library聽are located in the northern area of Nahariya. The park features some of the most unique and beautiful sculptures of all Israel, which are made with different kinds of materials. The library has an incredible interior with a modern and fashionable style. The Municipality Library contains a particular room with a range of sensory activities and different colours and lights stimulating the imagination. This fun entertainment is fantastic for children and youngsters of all ages.
  6. The Rosh Hanikra Sea Reserve聽is situated in the northern area of the Nahariya centre, and it features splendid stone formations lying between the border of Israel and Lebanon. It is a family-friendly location, and it is reachable by train and car; additionally, there are always tourist guided tours to visit the reserve. A restaurant is located close to the Rosh Hanikra Sea Reserve to allow visitors to enjoy a pleasant and tasty meal with magnificent views.
  7. The Keshet Cave聽is located in the north-eastern area outside Nahariya, close to Idmit and the Galilee. It is also named the Rainbow Cave or Arch Cave, and it is a magnificent place that is suitable for everyone, also those with disabilities. The Bezet stream runs over the area that features breathtaking and fantastic panoramas all over the year. The Keshet Cave region hosts an impressive variety of wildlife and vegetation, including goats. Visitors can also abseil from the cave’s foundation.
  8. Nahal Kziv聽is a twenty-kilometre stream in the Upper Galilee, located in the eastern area outside the Nahariya centre. It is a region full of wildlife such as the rare striped hyena and plants such as ferns. It is a fantastic walk to stroll close to the stream in paths located along the Nahal Kziv. This area is considered to have the most beautiful trails in all of Israel. Additionally, the region includes the Montfort Castle that is close to the stream on the southern side. Montfort Castle stretches from Mount Meron to Achziv. A stone carving man is another attraction to visit close to the Nahal Kziv stream.
  9. The Hanita Forest聽is situated in the north-eastern area of Nahariya, and it extends for over 1.2 km with a height that changes from 100 to 400 metres. One of the most magnificent landscapes of Israel is in this region, especially the Hanita viewpoint with fantastic views of the forest. In this area, it is fun to enjoy an outdoor picnic and visit the Hanita Museum, where there is an exhibition of the past events that occurred in this place. Another landmark of this area is the location of the tower’s restoration in 1938 from Hanita to Shlomi.
Pedestrian zone with palm trees at night in city of Nahariya, Israel

Hence, Nahariya doesn’t miss any exciting place, and it is not less relevant and beautiful than the other larger cities of Israel. It is a place full of fun and nature that is suitable for every kind of tourist.