Do you like fashionable resorts? Then you should visit Herzliya, one of the most prestigious cities in Israel. It stretches along the Mediterranean coast and is situated in 20 minutes from Tel Aviv. You can find here some exclusive fish restaurants, numerous hotels and a prestigious yacht club. There is a well-known international medical Centre. But Herzliya isn’t only the resort city. Every year a great number of conferences and international symposia take place in it.

The history of the city begins in 1924, when Irene and Zvi Lancet settled on a hill. Soon the first Bedouin tents appeared on the surrounded area. In a few years the villas for rich people were built there. The first settlers were engaged in the drainage of wetlands and construction of a water tower. They planted citrus trees on the cleared lands. If you want to know more you can visit the city museum «Beit Rishonim». You’d like a Boulevard named after President Yitzhak Ben Zvi. It is lined up with magnificent focuses. They gang their crowns above the roadway. There are many luxurious mansions. The citizens of Herzliya are proud of its high-tech enterprises, agricultural achievements and medicine. But let’s pay our attention to its sights. They are really interesting and worth seeing.

In the suburbs of Herzliya you can find two national parks. There you can meet the representatives of local flora and fauna, see the scenic beauty of nature, admire the view of the lakes and ponds. The parks offer hiking and biking trails, picnic areas. There is the Yad Labanim memorial complex with The Herzliya Museum of Art and archaeological site, Tel Michal, in Herzliya.

The city can be reached by all kinds of transport (train, car, taxi, minibus, bus, ferry, yacht), except air. As for getting around the town, the most popular way is hiking. But if the distance does not allow, you can use public transport or a taxi. Buses go all days, except holidays (Shabbat) and weekends. The prices are not very high. A taxi ride will cost you more money but it’s very comfortable.

Herzlia can be called a paradise for gourmets. Don’t forget to visit the local restaurants and taste the excellent Israeli food. Order the Jerusalem neuraview Salmi, which is made of four different kinds of chicken, sour-sweet meat, cutlets from poultry meat with various spices, stewed chicken with veal tongue, mutton chops in batter, stuffed chicken necks, various kinds of boiled fish, meatloaf and other things. You’d like them all.