The southernmost city in Israel, Eilat, located on the Red Sea’s shores, is a vacation or trip in Israel but in an atmosphere and feeling of abroad. The combination of hot weather almost all year round, hotels of all levels and styles, many attractions, and of course, the Red Sea – will make your trip to Eilat unique.

You can reach Eilat by a short flight from Ben-Gurion Airport; the flight lasts only about an hour from Tel-Aviv. Also, for those interested in an experiential trip on the road – you can reach the city by private car or bus.

Beautiful view of Eilat resorts

Red Sea beaches and marine attractions

The Red Sea,  is an intercontinental sea with a rich ecosystem, containing more than 1,200 different species of fish and coral reefs that stretch for thousands of miles. Artificially with the help of the Suez Canal, the Red Sea connects to the Mediterranean Sea. On the Red Sea’s shores are the countries of Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, the Republic of Djibouti, Eritrea, and the State of Israel – which has a short coastline but is full of beauty.

Apart from a Red sea that allows a break from the desert heat that characterizes Eilat, here are other activities you can do at the Red Sea:

The ‘Coral Coast Nature Reserve‘ is the only coral reef in Israel’s territories, which is also the northernmost coral reef in the world. The length of the reef is only 1.2 km. The biodiversity is unique and impressive – thanks to the high water salinity and the calmer water movement in the Red Sea compared to any other sea. The Coral Coast Reserve is a spectacular site for diving and snorkeling – and an attraction for sea lovers. Find out what’s hiding under the water. The reserve also has an essential beach and bathing services and lookout points with unique beauty, even if you chose to stay on land.

Pier on the sea in Eilat city – famous resort in Israel

Another impressive diving site is the ‘Dolphin Reef,’ where you can watch your favorite marine mammal. To enjoy the proximity of the dolphins, in their natural home, the sea, of ​​course, you can choose from two options – guided swimming or guided introductory dive – and it is recommended to coordinate this in advance. Dolphin Reef Beach is clean and tidy, with shade corners, shower chairs, and everything you need to spend time at sea.

The ‘Underwater Observatory in Eilat’ is another way to see and experience the wonderful world underwater. At the underwater observatory in Eilat, you are the ones who are inside an aquarium – and the variety of marine animals are around you! You can admire them and observe them through the glass.

Eilat has a stunning stretch of beach, about 12 kilometers long. Even if you have chosen to give up the sea attractions, spending time on the Red Sea’s shores is one of the must-do activities when it comes to a vacation in Eilat!
‘Lighthouse Beach,’ ‘Mosh Beach,’ ‘Golden Beach,’ and ‘Dan Beach’ are a small part of the city’s recommended and beloved beaches. On the shores of Eilat, apart from comfortable and pleasant restaurants and seating areas, water sports are familiar and fun – banana, sap surfboards, parachutes, jet skis, tubing, and other activities for all extreme enthusiasts.

Are you arriving in Eilat by car or by bus? Do not miss the prairie.

On the way to Eilat, no fewer attractions than the city of Eilat itself!

In the ‘Yotvata Wildlife Reserve,’ you will see rare desert wildlife in their natural environment.
In ‘Timna Park,’ hiking trails and trails designed for off-road bikes, an outdoor camping complex, an adventurous action complex, natural geological resources as well as historical finds and a variety of activities for children, adults, and families.
Also, in the ‘Eilat Mountains,’ a short drive from the city, you can see the beauty and power of nature; just remember that it is recommended to avoid hiking in the hottest hours of the day. During the holiday in Eilat, or on your way back home from Eilat, a short trip in nature close to Eilat, in addition to a visit to the fun tourist city is recommended!

View of Israeli resort city Eilat and Jordan Mountains.