I love Jerusalem

It鈥檚 really impossible to describe the city of Jerusalem in few words. To say that the Jerusalem is one of the most unique places in the world, it is not enough and not only because of the amount of its inner archaeological sites but also for the spiritual sense that this intense place has for the Jewish, Islamic and Christian religions.

Jerusalem's Jewish Quarter is located in the Old City of the capital of Israel, and it is one of the four districts of the Old City. The Jewish Quarter hosts almost two thousand Jews with a total extension of 0.1 square kilometres. In this district, there are many yeshivas,...
Ben Yehuda Street is one of the main streets of Jerusalem downtown, and it is also known as the Midrachov. This beautiful street connects Jaffa Road and King George Street, and it forms the Downtown Triangle central business district. Moreover, Ben Yehuda Street is a pedestrian area with many...
Israeli Jews are a blend of different ethnic Jewish groups. Essentially all Jews in Israel identify themselves with one of four major religious subgroups: Hiloni or "secular", Masorti or "traditional", Dati or "religious", and Haredi or "ultra-Orthodox". Hilonim are the slightest religious, and they form approximately half of Israeli Jews,...
Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel, and in its heart, there is a unique treasure that is the Old City, which is one of the most extraordinary places in the world. It is a place dear to the Jewish, Islamic and Christian religions. The Old City is at...
The Old City of Jerusalem and its Walls are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Old City of Jerusalem dates back to more than 4,500 years; thus, it is one of the oldest cities in the world, which is still inhabited. The walls around the Old City enclose an area...
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