The Wintertime In Jerusalem

The wintertime in Jerusalem certainly is very suggestive and a unique experience. Besides, Israel’s capital and its largest city are located at about 754 meters above sea level. While on the road to Jerusalem, you will notice the altitude changes. During the winter months, Jerusalem is one of the few places in Israel where you can experience snow. It is a few days a year, and visiting the city during this period is very suggestive.

Moreover, there is a distinctive festive atmosphere worldwide, and the white snow adds a lot of charm to this holy and unique city. Therefore, along with the white winter atmosphere, which is very rare because of Israel’s Mediterranean climate, there are engaging activities, museums, and attractions in Jerusalem. For instance, they will ensure you great enjoyment.

The Wintertime In Jerusalem
Jerusalem – snow and light train
The Wintertime In Jerusalem
Snow at Kotel – Jerusalem

The Wintertime in Jerusalem: Museums in Jerusalem

The museums in Jerusalem are active all months of the year, and as it befits a large city, Jerusalem has a wide variety of museums. In brief, here there is a list of some fascinating and unique museums that are a must-visit:

The Yad Vashem

  • Firstly, The Yad Vashem is an essential and rare museum of its kind which is dedicated to the commemoration of the Holocaust. This museum is very unique in the world, offering documentation, education, teaching, and research in every kind of topic related to the Holocaust, for instance. The Yad Vashem complex is located on the Mount of Remembrance, i.e. Mount Herzl.
Monument in Yad Vashem.Holocaust Memorial.Jerusalem Israel
  • Secondly, this museum consists of two sections. The first section is the Museum of Holocaust History,聽which illustrates the Shoah, i.e. the genocide of six million European Jews. The second section is the Museum of Holocaust Art, which hosts the largest and most comprehensive collection of art in the world related to the Holocaust. For instance, the Exhibition includes works which became part of the historical documentation.
  • Thirdly, the Yad Vashem also has an impressive array of objects donated by Holocaust survivors and their families, items with fascinating heroism stories. Moreover, there is also an exhibition pavilion, which displays the visual documentation and visual material from the Holocaust period. The documentation and commemoration activity, which takes place at Yad Vashem, reveals many heroic stories, which have never been heard before. In conclusion, these museums ensure that the memory of the Holocaust and leaving memories for future generations.
Ruins of columns at Children Memorial, Holocaust History Museum, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Israel

The Friends of Israel Museum

The Friends of Israel Museum is a relatively new museum, which opened in 2015. The museum operates as a non-profit organisation, supported by friends of Israel from around the world. The museum exhibits are dynamic, interactive, and related to the Jewish people’s dream, the Jewish people’s historical homeland, and those non-Jews who helped make that dream come true.

Flag of Israel

The Museum of Jewish Art

The Museum of Jewish Art is located in Heichal Shlomo in the city’s heart, unique and special. You can see the Jewish-Israeli culture, Jewish artefacts from around the world, and of course, Judaica’s impressive in its beauty. Indeed, the museum’s Judaica collection is unique globally, with items from the Second Temple to contemporary art today. It is also worth going up to the museum’s roof, where there is a spectacular view of Jerusalem’s landscapes.

Hebrew Music Museum

Another tourist attraction is the Hebrew Music Museum,聽a worldwide and historical musical journey.聽Firstly, the museum is suitable for the whole family, individuals, and groups. Secondly, you can also see rare and ancient musical instruments from different periods and different diasporas. In conclusion, the place uses various innovative technological devices, which will make every visit a memorable experience.

The Bloomfield Museum of Science

The Bloomfield Museum of Science is a fascinating and unique museum, beloved and wildly popular among families, which strives to present science as an integral part of everyday life and modern culture. Moreover, the museum has creative, exciting, and entertaining exhibitions such as innovation in agriculture around the world, the effects of the computer on the lives of all of us, illusions and shows, and other spectacular representations.

The Wintertime In Mahane Yehuda Market In Jerusalem

The well-known and beloved Jerusalem market is a culinary-Jerusalem experience throughout the year. Part of the market is covered, so even if it is stormy outside, you can enjoy it pleasantly. There are food, clothing, spices, flower stalls, sweets, kitchen utensils, and restaurants in a vibrant atmosphere in the market. Each restaurant has its unique style and taste, but what they all have in common is, above all, the freshness of the ingredients, which come directly from the colourful market stalls.

The small restaurants and bars are active until late at night, and you can feel the atmosphere changing during these hours. The market is dynamic and busy every day of the week, except Friday evenings and Saturdays when it is closed. You can also combine several museums’ visit, enjoy a meal, and shop at the Mahane Yehuda market. In conclusion, the wintertime atmosphere in Jerusalem聽also offers the opportunity to build a little snowman in the middle of the day, providing a wonderful winter experience in Jerusalem.