The Walls Of The Old City

The Old City walls surround the holy city, and their construction took place to protect the golden city. The erection of the city’s first wall took place over 4,000 years ago, during the Canaanite period. When the town was conquered, the walls were demolished and later on rebuilt by the new conqueror. The existing fence was built in the middle of the 16th century by the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire Suleiman II. The walls of the city of Jerusalem became a symbol of the town and a tourist site. They are a fascinating and entertaining part of the city, which worths a visit.

Jerusalem walls

A Walk Through The Walls Of The Old Jerusalem City

The Eight Gates

It is no coincidence that the Old City of Jerusalem is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Indeed, the Old City is an extraordinary place. There are four districts in the Old City: the Jewish Quarter, the Muslim Quarter, the Christian Quarter, and the Armenian Quarter. The many religions and cultures of the Old City and its crucial holy sites, including the Western Wall, attract Israelis and tourists worldwide. The old city walls are impressive in size, length, and of course, beauty. Also, within the Old City walls, there are eight gates: the Dung Gate, the New Gate, the Herod’s Gate, the Lions Gate, the Mercy Gate, the Zion Gate, the Damascus Gate, and the Jaffa Gate.

Touring In The Old City

A tour of Jerusalem’s walls offers a spectacular view of the city, and it became one of its most popular attractions. If you want to tour independently, you can choose among two routes starting from the Jaffa Gate. The first one is the southern promenade, which passes over the Jewish and Armenian quarters, up to the Zion Gate; it is even better to continue walking to the Dung Gate, the Western Wall entrance plaza. The second one is the northern promenade, which passes over the Christian Quarter and the Muslim Quarter, reaching the Herod’s Gate. The multicultural and unique city of Jerusalem has a unique landscape with its variety of colours and shades. In addition to the independent tour, countless guided tours await and you can learn about the fascinating history of the holy city.

The Tower Of David

The Tower of David is one of the highest places in the Old City, and it was a fortress protecting Jerusalem over the years. The connection between the tower and King David is only symbolic. The Tower of David appears in the writings of Yosef ben Matityahu: “On its strength, this hill was called the Citadel of King David.” “The Canticle of Canticles” describes this tower: “The tower is impressive in its beauty and presence and can be seen anywhere in the Old City”.

Nowadays, inside the Tower of David, there are the historical fortress and the Museum of the History of Jerusalem. The permanent exhibition shows the city’s evolution in different periods, over the past 4,000 years. Expositions in the museum are suitable for the whole family and an archaeological garden with significant archaeological ruins. The Tower of David shows Jerusalem’s history with a colourful and spectacular audio-visual display in three dimensions.

Useful Information

From the Jerusalem train station Yitzhak Navon to the Jaffa Gate, it is better to take the light rail. There is a short ride on line 1 up to the Jaffa City station, and a 10-minute walk afterwards. You can reach the Tower of David also taking Egged buses departing from the city’s various stations: bus line 8 to Yitzhak Karib Street or King David Street with bus lines 13, 18, and 38.