The Old City of Akko, known as Acre, appeared about four thousand years ago, near Haifa. Since this beautiful and quiet city a famous tourist attraction, visitors have a fantastic chance to face the echoes of Israel鈥檚 ancient past. Akko is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with its numerous beautiful monuments because of its unique architecture and archaeology.

The Old City of Akko
The old city of Akko

History Of Akko

In the ancient era, Akko was one of the major ports and an important trade hub. During the Hasmonean period, massive battles took place in this city, and Herod the Great built a gymnasium. After the reconstruction, under the Arab government of Palestine, Akko became the entire region’s principal port. At the time of the Crusader period, ancient Acre provided large revenues to the Crusaders鈥 coffers. When the Ottoman period began, the city became a heap of ruins, and its reconstruction started only during the British Mandate. After 1939, the Jews abandoned Acre because of the Arab Revolt.

The historic port of Acre in Akko ,Israel.

Tourists can notice certain remainders of the Crusader period even today in the streets of the city. Dating back to those years, the main building was the refectory hall of the Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem. It is an excellent example of Crusader architecture. In the twelfth century, the Templar鈥檚 Tunnel’s creation took place; the tunnel was a strategic underground route for the Templar monastery. After that, it happened its relocation to the Acre city. In 1921, it took place the destruction of the palace from which the tunnel originated. The Templar鈥檚 Tunnel has a length of 350 meters and. This tunnel was accidentally discovered in 1994 by the owner of the house that is located just above it.

Tourism In Akko

The Jezza Pasha Mosque, known as the White Mosque, is the biggest in Israel located outside of Jerusalem. In 1799 the Ottoman governor built this architectural monument. In Akko, the most prominent British Mandate-era prison is situated, repurposed into the Underground Prisoners Museum some time ago. Here, Arabs revolted against the British, Jews fought in specific underground organisations, and the incarceration of illegal immigrants and criminals took place. In 1947, the prison was broken by Etzel fighters. Tourists who prefer more relaxing recreation, have an opportunity to take a boat ride or just a walking tour around the walls of the beautiful ancient city or through the market of Akko.

View on marina with yachts and ancient walls of harbor in Acre.