The Coastal City Of Netanya

The coastal city of Netanya is magnificent because of its unique shores. The nickname of Netanya is Diamond on the Med has not been chosen by chance. It is not easy to define the city of Netanya with a couple of words because this gem of the Mediterranean sea is a real treasure of Israel. The entertainment and fun for each tourist are unlimited. Indeed the many tourist attractions are unbelievable, and a single trip to visit Netanya should be extended to some days.

Netanya is in the Sharon valley, and it is a city full of green spaces and parks. Fountains and sculptures adorn the promenade along the beach and the city centre: the beaches and the landscape of Netanya are sublime. The weather in Netanya is pretty mild, with temperatures not lower than 15 Celsius degrees in the wintertime, even though sporadic rainfalls might occur between January and March. Netanya is a very humid city, especially in the summertime.

Tourist Landmarks Of Coastal City Of Netanya


The Netanya foundation dates back to 1929 as a small agricultural settlement, which rapidly became an industrial of the abundant fruit plantations and diamond processing. Indeed, Netanya shopping malls host unique jewellery stores. Moreover, it became a tourist attraction thank to the picturesque and magnificent panoramas of the city. So many museums offer compelling and uncommon exhibitions. For instance, the most renowned Netanya museums are:

  • The Well House or Beit Habe鈥檈r is a relic of the Pardes Hagdud Farm, whose construction dates back to 1928 by Jewish Legion members. Indeed, it is one of the oldest buildings of Netanya. The farm, orchard and well are artefacts of Netanya in the years 1928-1948. There is an exhibition with a renovated well. Additionally, there are also old-fashioned agricultural tools, old photos, maps, and historical documents in the exposition.
  • Cliff Gallery or Al Ha-Tzuk Gallery hosts different art exhibitions of Israel’s best artists besides vintage and original jewellery and unique artworks.
  • Museum of Yemenite Jews Heritage preserves the ancestral treasure of the Yemenite Jewry. An exhibition shows historical photos of the Yemenite Jewish immigrants and also original Yemenite jewellery. Moreover, in the museum, there is a study room and a Yemenite kitchen.
  • The Tractor’s History Museum is a renewed hangar where there is a permanent exhibition of old and recent vehicles. Some of them are still in use, and the most special permanent collection is the 1920s McCormick Deering.
  • Jewish Legion Museum聽shows artillery, firearms, old documents and military maps dating back to the First World War.
  • The Municipal Gallery is in the City Hall, and it exhibits Israeli artworks such as sculptures, paintings and craftworks. Moreover, the gallery hosts also temporary exhibitions.
Netanya, art Sculpture

Utopia Park

A beautiful place to visit is Utopia Park – ecological park located at Kibbutz Bahan, a majestic, delightful and exquisite tropical rain forest where there are thousands of orchids from all over the world. In 2006, this marvellous forest was created with a total extension of 40,000 square meters. There are rare species of orchids, exotic and rare plants, birds and insects in this astonishing park and fountains, cages, mazes, and relaxation areas. Utopia Park is one of the most beautiful and stunning parks of Israel. Indeed, this marvellous park hosts the largest collections of orchids in Israel, rich in lavish flower gardens and fishpond.

Heichal Hatarbut聽

This beautiful building is the main theatre in Netanya, where theatre presentations, concerts and musical events occur.

Typical Food In Netanya

Netanya offers a vast choice of restaurants, cafes and bars where there is always fresh Israeli food. Most restaurants are kosher, which means that meat and dairies are neither cooked nor served together. Following the Israeli custom, meals start with an appetiser, which usually consists of Hummus,聽Tahini and Pita. Hummus is obtained by smashing boiled chickpeas and adding olive oil, garlic and spices. In contrast, Tahini is obtained by crushing sesame seeds and adding tomatoes and onions, and Pita is a delicious flatbread. Bourekas are small baked pastries with a filling consisting of vegetables and cheese; Bourekas are usually sold in bakeries and fast-food stands.

Healthy Israeli salad

The most famous street foods are Shawarma, a special lamb or turkey roasted meat, and Falafel, which are deep-fried balls prepared with ground chickpeas or fava beans. Falafels are also part of the appetisers. Fish never misses in the Israeli cuisine, and there are plenty of typical dishes, which are served all over the restaurants. Exceptional desserts are findable either in restaurants or bakeries. The most typical desserts in Israel and, of course, also in Netanya are the Halvah, usually made of sesame tahini seeds聽and the Baklava, a filo-based pastry. Moreover, the delicious chocolate Rugelach and the perfumed Sachlav drink with rose water.

Typically Israeli morning in cafe Aroma 讗专讜诪讛

Outdoor In The Coastal City Of Netanya

In Netanya, there are many fountains and artworks in the streets and squares. Artefacts such as sculptures are very present in the city centre, and a stunning example is the sculpture group Musicians in haAtzmaut Square. Another beautiful artistic example is the Victory Monument, which is a memorial commemorating the Red Army’s victory over Nazi Germany in World War II. This memorial was created by a group of Israeli and Russian artists.

Independence Square

Independence Square, i.e. Kikar haAzmaut, is the main square of Netanya, and it hosts one of the most beautiful fountains of Israel. It is a gorgeous square every hour of day and night, and it is close to the seashore. In the plaza, there are big LED screens with movies and music videos. Another Independence Square attraction is the coloured musical fountain, where different coloured lights, gushing waters and jets at the bottom change with the music; additionally, light installations flank the fountain.

Independence square, or 鈥 Kikar haAzmaut鈥 in Hebrew is the most popular place in Netanya, Israel

Next to the central musical coloured fountain, there is a lake with fish and aquatic flowers such as lotuses and nymphae in the square’s centre. In the Kikar haAzmaut, there are also many restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. Walking towards the seaside, another splendid fountain adorn Independence Square. Not far from the lake of lotuses, there is another magnificent coloured fountain, which is much more beautiful in the evenings. And, of course, the suggestive view of the Mediterranean Sea from this square is incomparable.

The Old Sycamore In Netanya

The Old Sycamore is an extravagant attraction of the city of Netanya. This ancient tree is massive also because of its big crown. The sycamores are also known by the name 鈥渄onkey figs鈥 because their fruits are small sweet berries, which are loved by animals such as donkeys, birds, bats and camels. The historical sycamore of Netanya is one of the biggest and oldest trees of Israel. This tree’s trunk has a diameter of almost eight meters, and the tree might be 600 or even 1500 years old because being an evergreen tree. Indeed, it is impossible to determine the exact age because these kinds of trees miss the annual rings. Since the Middle Ages, this tree is famous because it is mentioned in the Chronicles of XIV-XV centuries; hence, it is not younger than six hundred years.

Shefayim Water Park

At 20 minutes drive from Netanya, the Shefayim Water Park is the largest and most notable water park in Israel since 1984. The park covers about 100 square meters, and it includes three structures: the motor park, the adventure, paintball and the go-karting areas. There are also restaurants and fast-food and sales stalls. The park offers innumerable ways of entertainment and fun for adults, such as mountaineering and other extreme sports. Of course, there are a lot of activities and water games for children.

Beaches In The Coastal City Of Netanya

The shores of Netanya stretch over 13 km, and the beaches of this city are unique and one of the most suggestive areas in Israel. The quiet and uncluttered beaches provide a relaxing and peaceful place where it is easy to connect with nature and the sea. With its beautiful cliffs, Blue Bay Beach is one of the quietest beaches in the northern part of the coast; on the other hand, Ha’Onot Beach is the favourite beach for young people, and it includes restaurants, dance clubs and bars.

Sironit beach in Netanya
The beaches in Netanya are so coolest and so amazing, I think to write a separate posts about each of them.

Close to the city centre and along the stunning Netanya seaside promenade, Sironit Beach has a vivid and hectic atmosphere being actively crowded. The beach hosts restaurants, shops and various entertainments. Close to Netanya, there are the Hamei Ga’ash Thermal Pools, pools with thermal waters, besides saunas and hot tubs. Moreover, there is a modern spa which offers massages and beauty care. In Netanya centre, there are dance clubs, bars and lively nightlife with live music.

I love Netanya for amazing landscape

Shopping In The Coastal City Of Netanya

Shopping in Netanya is an endless pleasure due to the significant number of shops and malls that offer many choices. Kiryat Sapir is one of the most popular malls. Branded clothing stores, jewellery and cosmetic shops are among the several shops that crowd the mall, such as big grocery stores and a hypermarket offering fresh local food. And of course, restaurants and cafes for every kind of preferences never go missing! The Hasharon Mall is the largest and most well-known in the city. In this mall, shops are selling handmade artworks and jewellery; additionally, there are souvenir shops that sell typical jewellery such as Star Of David and Hamsa pendant necklaces, and much more. In the city centre of Netanya, there is a colourful and beautiful market with fruit, vegetable and spice stalls. Netanya is a city full of surprises, and it has a lot to offer as a tourist attraction because of its unique beauty. The richness of particular places and the stunning seaside promenade make Netanya one of the most beautiful towns in the Mediterranean area.

The Beautiful City Of Netanya
The most beautiful coast in Israel is in Netanya city, well I think like it.