The City Of Ashkelon

The city of Ashkelon is on the southern coastal plain. It belongs to the Southern District of Israel on the Mediterranean coast. Ashkelon is 50 kilometres far from Tel Aviv, and 13 kilometres from the border with the Gaza Strip. Besides hosting sunny beaches, Ashkelon has a variety of activities hikers. Ashkelon’s origin comes from the word ‘shekel,’ which was an ancient Jewish measure of weight. Nevertheless, nowadays, the shekel is the actual state of Israel’s currency. The city was formerly one of the oldest harbour cities in Israel. At early times, the trade was pretty active, and the shekel was the unit of measure. Nowadays, the busiest port in the area is Ashdod’s harbour; while Ashkelon owns a lively marina and beautiful beaches. Its unique atmosphere and other surprises will make every trip a memorable and unforgettable experience.

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Tel Ashkelon National Park

Of course, there is no better way to study history, than to visit the archaeological excavations dating back to different periods. Moreover, there is a unique landscape in the most renowned site of the Tel Ashkelon National Park.聽It is on a kurkar ridge overlooking the sea in the southwest of the city. Canaanites, Philistines, Byzantines, and Crusaders ruled the city in the past, leaving a mark. Next to the Canaanite gate, Fatimid Muslims built the medieval walls to stop the Crusaders. Additionally, there are archaeological remnants from the Byzantine period.

Museum And Marina Of The City Of Ashkelon

There are various museums in the city of Ashkelon. The Khan Museum, also known as the Ashkelon Museum, is in an impressive building, a large and magnificent mosque. The museum’s exhibition focuses on Ashkelon’s history from the War of Independence to the present day. You can see and listen to the city’s story in a unique audio-visual performance in Hebrew and English. You can also enjoy cultural activities held in the museum courtyard, which are recommended to be booked in advance.

The marina in Ashkelon is considered one of the most beautiful in Israel, and it was inaugurated in 1995, in the presence of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. The marina is intended for mooring 650 vessels. Yacht owners and vacationers from the various ports of the Mediterranean sea select Ashkelon as a holiday destination. Not surprisingly, near the marina, there are hotels, restaurants, entertainment places, a pleasant promenade for walking, a shopping centre, and much more. It is a delightful place for residents, travellers, and vacationers.

Promenade along coast of Mediterranean sea with palms and ancient tomb of unknown shah in Ashkelon, Israel.

Beaches Of Ashkelon

It is impossible to talk about the city of Ashkelon without mentioning its spectacular beaches. The city has six bathing beaches, and the most relevant are: Bar Kochba Beach, Delilah Beach, National Park Beach or Samson Beach and the separate beach for the religious public. Apart from the national park beach, all the other beaches in the city offer food and beverage buffets, rent umbrellas, chairs, and sunbeds under the municipality’s supervision. The price is convenient for every kind of budget.

During the bathing season, rescue services are efficient on-site. Bar Kochba Beach and Delilah Beach are also accessible to the disabled, with the possibility of reaching with a wheelchair right up to the water. I enjoyed walking along the ‘Bar Kochba promenade,’ with a stunning view of the sea, impressive sculptures, and various sports facilities, which will ensure a pleasant walk and a delightful way to keep fit in the open air.

Outdoor restaurant on marina at Mediterranean sea at evening in Ashqelon, Israel.

Hotel Of Ashkelon

Many luxurious hotels are near the city’s beaches, such as the Regina Goren Hotel, the Leonardo Ashkelon Hotel, and the Harlington Hotel. Two other guesthouses are not far from the sea: ‘Ganei Shimshon Guest House’ and ‘Lakes Guest House. For the religious public, the ‘Golden Tower Hotel’ in the city centre offers glatt-kosher cuisine, and the hotel has two Synagogues. So it is definitely recommended a vacation in Ashkelon!