Tel Aviv is a very active city – contrast to the holy city of Jerusalem, and if you take a bus from one city to another without taking into account traffic jams, the trip will be +- 1 hour.

But thanks to hAshem, the holy city of Jerusalem will now be available even faster, since starting from 21 December, fast train will arrive to Jerusalem in 30 minutes with only three railway stations in Tel Aviv, Ben Gurion Airport and Jerusalem. The same if you travel from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.

Inside Israel train
This is how the Israeli train looks from the inside. Each train has a toilet and, as a rule, all trains in Israel are two-story.

Below I want to describe in few words what is around to each of the three above mentioned stops, for clarity, I start the count with Tel Aviv as the first railway station. With it I want to emphasize that the trains go in both directions.

First railway station Tel Aviv Hahagana where is it?

Near Tel Aviv Hahagana, there is the central bus station of Tel Aviv and also from railway station Tel Aviv Hahagana you can get to another central train stations in Tel Aviv in a short time. I think you should take a look at the map below:

Second railway station Ben Gurion Airport where is it?

Everyone who flies to the holy land of Israel, they fly to Ben Gurion Airport, what is wonderful here – is the fact that time from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem in general, will take only 22 minutes and to Tel Aviv only 10 minutes by fast train.

Third railway station Jerusalem鈥揧itzhak Navon where is it?

The simplest answer to the question of where is the Yitzhak Navon railway station located will be next answer: is in the holy city of Jerusalem. But if be more seriously, so it鈥檚 a couple of minutes of walk to Jerusalem Central Bus Station and 1 minute of walk to the tram.
For example, by tram you can easily get to the tourist point “I Love Jerusalem” and there already in 10 minutes by walk to the old city of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem train station
Jerusalem train station, 200m underground – up there is the holy city of Jerusalem.

I suggest you watch a video fragment that I shot on camera on the way from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem on a high-speed train.

The train schedule can be found in English on the Israeli railways website – have a nice trip from/to Jerusalem.

Escalator in the Jerusalem train station
At the Jerusalem train station, it is possible to climb and descend from / to the city on an escalator or elevator. I personally more like the escalator.