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Life In Tel Aviv City Life in Tel Aviv city is pretty exciting! Indeed Tel Aviv is the city which never sleeps! Indeed, at every hour of the day and night, you will find something to do in the second-largest city of Israel. The town is bustling with life, and...
The Beaches Of Tel Aviv The beaches of Tel Aviv are famous all over the world. Tel Aviv is the second-largest city in the State of Israel, and it is a vibrant and lively city. There are different names of Tel Aviv such as "A city without a break," "A...
The City Of Tel Aviv
The City Of Tel Aviv The city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, or in short Tel Aviv, is also well-known as "the first Hebrew city". Thanks to its location on the coastal plain, Tel Aviv hosts a hotbed of activities and tourist entertainments. In fact, the Tel Aviv city is now the...
Jerusalem train station
Tel Aviv is a very active city - contrast to the holy city of Jerusalem, and if you take a bus from one city to another without taking into account traffic jams, the trip will be +- 1 hour. But thanks to hAshem, the holy city of Jerusalem will now...
There are many ways to get to Jerusalem from, such as bus, train and taxi. Let’s explore all of them, analyzing the time and money spent in total. Let’s assume you are now in some place in Tel Aviv and you want to visit Jerusalem, that’s amazing! Let’s travel...
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