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The City Of Tiberias The city of Tiberias is the only city located on the Sea of ​​Galilee's shores on its western side. It is a vital tourist centre, not only because of its proximity to the Sea of ​​Galilee but also because of its great importance to Judaism. Joseph...
Mitzpe Ramon Mitzpe Ramon is a small local council in the Negev centre, next to the beautiful Ramon Crater. Moreover, it is about 150 kilometres north of Eilat and about 80 kilometres south of Beer Sheva, at an altitude of approximately 900 meters above sea level. Mitzpe Ramon's location, the...
The Dead Sea in Israel is the lowest landmass globally, and it is located 434 meters below sea level. The unique lake in the south of the country has a very high salinity concentration of about 34%, which is ten times greater than the Mediterranean salinity. Its English name...
Mount Hermon
Mount Hermon Records Mount Hermon is the highest mountain in Israel's State, and it is located on Israel's northeastern border. The mountain area is divided between Syria, Lebanon, and Israel. Its highest peak is on the border between Syria and Lebanon, at 2,814 meters above sea level. There is an...
Today, let's travel and relax to mountain coast of Hadera - best place for meditation in Israel close to sea. https://youtu.be/flTw1voiLBQ
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