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In this blog post, you will find a Tel Aviv shopping guide to discover the best shops when you visit Tel Aviv, one of the world's most energetic cities. Tel Aviv was defined as the Mediterranean Capital of Cool by the New York Times. A Tel Aviv Shopping Guide The Big...
The Coastal City Of Netanya The coastal city of Netanya is magnificent because of its unique shores. The nickname of Netanya is Diamond on the Med has not been chosen by chance. It is not easy to define the city of Netanya with a couple of words because this gem...
The must-visit places in Israel from North to South are so many that a single trip is not enough. The most notable sites among tourists are located in different cities. The Must-Visit Places In Israel's Capital City Jerusalem is a unique city hosting several museums and archaeological sites. The most notable...
Jaffa Port In Tel Aviv Jaffa Port in Tel Aviv is an extraordinarily suggestive place. The first feature of this beautiful place is that it is the most ancient harbour in the world. Moreover, Jaffa Port is a multicultural and multiethnic junction where Christians, Jews and Muslims cohabit together. Its...
The Western Wall In Jerusalem
The Western Wall in Jerusalem or Wailing Wall (in Hebrew HaKotel HaMa'aravi) is the Second Temple's remnant destroyed by the Romans in the 70 CE. It is 20 meters high, and it spreads over 50 meters.  The Destruction Of The Temple The Temple was built on the highest point of the...
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