At the northern end of the coastal plain, a breathtaking nature reserve, with a unique geological structure located just above the sea!
We mean, of course, Rosh Hanikra – the most beautiful natural gem in the Western Galilee as well as a day trip that you will not regret.

The famous and impressive cliff, at an altitude of about 300 meters, hides a variety of natural treasures – spectacular beaches, unique rocks of various kinds, diverse vegetation, caves, crevices, and many surprises – which only nature at its best can offer!

Grottoes in the mountains of Rosh HaNikra on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the north of Israel

Do not forget to take pictures! And a lot!

Rosh Hanikra is infinite beauty. Apart from the beautiful pictures that you will take and keep as a souvenir, the visit to the site is delightful – and the experience, as is well known, is always no less critical.

Cavities are caves or marine caves formed as a result of a geological phenomenon. It is a process of hundreds if not thousands of years, beginning with an underwater shock that created cracks in the rocks. The rainwater seeping in, the saltwater and even living things and vegetation are slowly destroying the various rock layers, the waves at their peak continue to be destroyed afterward. Although it is right to define the process as destruction, there is no doubt that its result, the rocks in their new form – the tunnels, are spectacular in beauty.

As you probably understand, the caves are the main attraction in Rosh Hanikra, which can be reached by cable car, in a breathtaking view – which lasts only about 2 minutes. The natural cave route is about 200 meters long, where you will get to see nature and feel its high power.

Cable car in Rosh Hanikra, Galilee
Rosh haNikra National park in Israel

Not only Cavities in caves – other attractions on the Rosh Hanikra site

Admission to the Rosh Hanikra is paid. You can buy a ticket for the location only, and the cable car ride, as well as combined tickets with various attractions in the area: Old Acre and several different attractions in it – suitable for the whole family, Old Acre and entertainment in the hammam, or a combined ticket to Rosh Hanikra and entrance to the Ghetto Fighters Museum.

The Rosh Hanikra site features an impressive sonic light, bicycles, and electric vehicles for rent – with them, you can walk along the beach, see magical bays, stunning views!

Because the caves are lit at night, the nocturnal lantern tour offered at the place is one of the most beautiful and fascinating tours! The journey is suitable for the whole family and includes the audio-visual performance, a cable car ride, and a rich guide to the geology and history of the place. For the tour, a site must be booked in advance by phone or online.

The chef’s kosher restaurant, ‘The Cliff Restaurant’ is located as it is called – on the cliff. Great Mediterranean food, meats, and fish, along with fine Israeli wines, guarantee a unique culinary experience and enjoyment of the fantastic view at the same time!

Cable car to Rosh HaNikra grotto in North Israel.

Rosh Hanikra – a unique experience for sea lovers

Betzet Beach, the northernmost bathing beach in the State of Israel, is a beach worth visiting!
Apart from the beach’s natural beauty, it is a tidy beach, with seasonal lifeguard services, changing rooms, toilets, and a buffet – just everything you need for a fun day at sea. On the beach a clean and tidy camping complex for accommodation in tents.

Another accommodation option is to rent luxurious caravans – for those of you who are planning a trip of more than one day.

Water sports enthusiasts can reach the caves by kayaking!
Rowing trips are the most enjoyable ecological trips, which are also suitable for large groups and families. Apart from that, there are several diving clubs in the place, which offer a unique and unforgettable experience – guided diving in the caves and their surroundings.

Rosh Hanikra is a scarce and unique nature reserve. Be sure to keep nature clean during your trip so that everyone can enjoy it just like you!

Grottoes in the mountains of Rosh HaNikra
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