Jerusalem is a historical and very mystical and beautiful city. In this blog, I want to share with you about my travel guide of walking through old Jerusalem city in a combination of Google Maps and my description of interesting places in the old city with photos and videos.
Let’s imagine that we are now at the first out tourist attraction- “I Love Jerusalem”, which is located at “Tsahal Square”.

I Love Jerusalem

I think – I Love Jerusalem – is an oldish point for everyone who holds the path to old Jerusalem city.

I love Jerusalem
Tourist attraction – I love Jerusalem, on the way to the old city.

People often like to sit down or just to warmly embrace these letters – I❤️JLM. Thereby showing all their love for the holy city of Jerusalem, capturing it in a photography or video.

In terms of geography, we are now on “Tsahal Square”:

Now let’s continue our way further along Jaffa Street. We are moving towards the Jaffa Gate, on the way on left side is one of the walls of the old city. According to history, the walls of the old Jerusalem were built in the 15th century by the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman. We’ll talk more about the walls of the old city, but for now I suggest you enjoy a walk along Jaffa Street in a 2-minute video:

Jaffa Gate

In 1898, the German Emperor Wilhelm considered that it would not be honorable for him enter to the old city through the narrow gates in the walls of the old city, and in connection with this, a part of the wall near the Jaffa gate was dismantled, on this way he was been able enter on his carriage to old Jerusalem.

It is interesting that the Jaffa Gate looks directly to the sea and this is the only gate in the walls that are parallel to the sea, or rather to the city of Jaffa. I think you already guess that the Jaffa gate is called that way, because this reason. Since all the pilgrims who wanted to visit Jerusalem, by sea, they did it from the port of Jaffa, and from there they went straight up to the Jerusalem mountains.

Well, I personally call the Jaffa Gate as modern entrance to the old city of Jerusalem, since it’s a only safe entrance for the Jews and tourists to the old city in my opinion.

Jaffa Gate
Jaffa Gate is one of seven gates in the walls of old Jerusalem city.

Once I recorded a video of my walk along the street where is located the Tower of David and the Jaffa Gate – you are welcome watch it.

Tower of David

The Tower of David was built in the 2nd century BC. Just think how long time pass and the Tower of David during all this time was destroyed and rebuilt successively by Christian, Muslim and finally by Ottoman.

This is probably why the museum of the history of Jerusalem is located exactly in this place where the “Tower of David” is located. By the way, a few words about the museum, in museum you will see light show on the walls of the old city – a really lively history of Jerusalem with 3D graphics. In addition, the museum has a huge archaeological site. Once I will write separately blog with video and photos about it.

Tower of David
The history of old Jerusalem in the history museum Tower of David.
If you want to know more about the history of old Jerusalem?
So I suggest to you visit the site of the history museum of the Tower of David, which is located at the “Tower of David” if you check it on Google maps.

Moving towards the Jewish quarter

After we passed the Tower of David Museum, we will keep our direction to the Jewish Quarter of old Jerusalem, which starts from “Or HaHayim” street. You are welcome see the map:

We can say that the Jewish quarter of old Jerusalem begins from this street.
In Hebrew, OR is LIGHT and HAIM is LIFE, so now we are really walking along the LIGHT OF LIFE street, I love street names like it.

What is located on Or HaHayim street?

At the beginning of the street, if you go from the Jaffa Gate, you will see a Yeshiva “Birkas aTora” – of course the street whose name is LIGHT OF LIFE (Or HaHayim in Hebrew) should start from the place where all study light of Torah.
Then we meet the museum “Old Yishuv Court Museum”, this museum shows a life of the settlements who was located on the territory of the old city 500 years ago. Visiting this museum you will learn how mostly religious Jews lived here, that time.
By the way a significant part of their life was devoted to the study of the Torah.

Inside museum you can found the Synagogue Or Achaim.
This synagogue located on the 2nd floor of the “Old Yishuv Court Museum”, according to the story in the building where the Synagogue is located, Ari hAkadosh – Arizal was born, who is the author of the fundamental books of Kabbalah.

I suggest to you walk along this street by watching the following video:

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