Netanya is a city located between Haifa and Tel-Aviv. The length of the coast of Netanya is about 14 km. Now imagine that you have two ways – walk close to sea or over the hills of Netanya.

So that you better understand what I mean please watch this short video.

Along the coast of Netanya

Let’s start by choosing a route which is located at the down close to the sea. Now our feets start touch the clear water of the sea and we have 14 km of beautiful landscape ahead. This landscape is divided into three components on the right side is the sea and in the center is a beautiful path of soft sand and on the left side there are high hills.

Seeing these hills You start fell like I really want to go over them, but they are higher than us and we will definitely rise to them, but now we are down close to the sea with the background music of the waves that are welcomes us and creating a company with us for this wonderful walk.
In front you can see the Netanya beach elevator and romantic steps that call us – go up to the hills that are was been on the left side.

Paradise of Netanya
The most beautiful coast in Israel is in Netanya city, well I think like it.

Stunning sea view

The Beach Elevator
It’s so convenient because not everyone can climb and go down by stairs to sea and from the sea up to the hills.


By the way, only in Netanya there is a coastal elevator, that up/down everyone from the hills to the sea and from the sea to the hills with amazing view from the window of the elevator. But let’s say we decided up on the stairs to the hills without elevator. The steps done from amazing white stone, we up up and up;
Now we are on the hills and the sea is already far below, and we are looking down, it’s like we are looking from a plane down to the sea, enjoying the beautiful landscape of the coast of Netanya.
Sironit beach in Netanya
The beaches in Netanya are so coolest and so amazing, I think to write a separate posts about each of them.
Here is the time to highlight the coast of Netanya compare to the coast of Tel-Aviv in terms of personal space and contact with a nature. I mean that in Tel-Aviv there are a lot of people – there are many tourists who walk close to the sea and this point makes it a little difficult to connect with nature around like a sea. At the same time, in Netanya you feel it very clearly since you have your personal space around you during walking, regardless of where you go down by the sea or up on the hills.
Light and Shadow Geometrical Shapes
Beautiful landscape of the sea with stunning architecture in the coast of Netanya.

Rent apartments and hotels, prices in Netanya

Now let’s talk about the cost of rent apartment or hotel in Netanya. The price of renting hotel or apartment in comparison with Tel-Aviv have value difference, since in Netanya renting less than in Tel-Aviv. Along with this, the Netanya city is located near Tel-Aviv. I think everyone who loves the sea will fall in love with Netanya since coast of the city so attach that makes you feel so relaxing there.
With all it, not all people can afford to them-self, live in Tel-Aviv and with it they want live close to TLV so Netanya is a best solution for it since the city close to Tel-Aviv and have a amazing landscape of the sea.

The population that lives in Netanya

Population of Netanya are welcome for religious and secular people. In fact I’ll say about myself. From a position of a person who follows traditions, I like Netanya more than Tel-Aviv for two main reasons.
The first reason is in Netanta city not exists all the debauchery that exists in Tel-Aviv. Moreover, there is even a whole religious region, close to the Lineado Hospital.
The second reason is the beautiful landscape – the coast of Netanya – which is filled with amazing contact with nature of the sea.

If you also like the city of Netanya, so please send your post / article about the locations in Netanya that you like and I will definitely publish them on the Israeli Blogger.