Memorial Day – Israel stands still to honor 23,741 fallen soldiers and 3,146 victims of terror.

One-minute siren


IDF Heroes: Sgt. Itamar’s Story

During Operation Protective Edge, Sgt. Itamar and his company were sent to check a structure suspected of being used by Hamas terrorists in the agricultural zone of Gaza. The terrorists, hidden inside the building, opened fire on the company while they were scouring the area. While the soldiers of his company took cover, Sgt. Itamar quickly decided to defend his friends and fellow soldiers and returned fire.


Remembering Israel’s Fallen Heroes

It is the obligation of Jews from around the world to honor the soldiers and security forces that have sacrificed their lives establishing and defending the state of Israel


FULL: Netanyahu Speaks Ahead of Israeli Memorial Day


Victims of the Terror Attack in Barkan

On October 7 2018 Kim dropped off her baby at the day care and promised she would pick him up. Ziv was first to arrive at the office, he promised his kids he’s be home for dinner. An hour later they were brutally murdered by a Palestinian terrorist, who is now a hero and the Palestinian authority will pay him for the rest of his life for this despicble act. Take a moment and think about Ziv and Kim, about their families who became victims of incitement and terror. Stop financing terror

Ceremony of the Memorial Day – 2019

Israel’s official memorial day, officially known as Israeli Fallen Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism Remembrance Day


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