Jerusalem leave inside the visitors from all over the world, since it’s one unique places of the world since in Jerusalem a lot archaeological sites plus for many people in the world Jerusalem have spiritual meaning like the Jewish, Islamic and Christian religions.

The Old City houses the Western Wall ( alias Wailing Wall, Kotel ) it’s the last remaining wall of the Jewish Temple, the holiest site in the world for Jews.

Jewish quarter, old city Jerusalem
Jewish quarter, old city Jerusalem

In the Old City of Jerusalem there are four quarters: The Jewish Quarter, The Armenian, The Christian, and The Muslim Quarters. The Old Jerusalem walls have eight gates that today are still open but the Gate of Mercy. The busiest entrance is the Jaffa Gate next to which it is located the Tower of David Museum, that provides the history of Jerusalem within the Old City Walls. Each quarter has its own unique history, culture and atmosphere.


As Israeli blogger I going to collect the best information about Jerusalem in this article (this article updating constantly ).

Western wall and cloud
Western wall and cloud

Jerusalem videos

Jerusalem photos

Gallery of perfect photos taken in Jerusalem, enjoy it:

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Old Jerusalem

It’s really impossible to describe the old city of Jerusalem in few words. To say that the old Jerusalem is one of the most unique places in the world, it is not enough and not only because of the amount of its inner archaeological sites but also for the spiritual sense that this intense place has for the Jewish, Islamic and Christian religions.  Read More…


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