Jaffa Street And The Mamilla Mall

Jaffa Street and the Mamilla Mall are the most renowned shopping places in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the Holy City, also known as Jerusalem of Gold. Besides being an important tourist centre, its shopping and entertainment centres, just like the entire city, are incredibly unique. There are traditional and innovative buildings alongside Jerusalem cafes and restaurants in a combination of historical architecture styles if you are interested in shopping. Hence, you should visit Jaffa Street and the Mamilla Mall.

Jaffa Street And The Mamilla Mall
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Jaffa Street In Jerusalem

Tourism In Jaffa Street

Jaffa Street begins at the Jaffa Gate, the entrance to the Old Jerusalem City, and ends at the String Bridge. It is also the most central and longest street in Jerusalem. The light rail usually runs along the city’s main streets; it is highly recommended to enjoy a pleasant view of the ancient, decorated, and impressive buildings. Every building has its own fascinating story. It is a great fun walking around the big squares, and quiet courtyards close the street. You can also enjoy Jaffa Street’s cosy atmosphere with many shops and cafes active during the day. There is also a variety of bars and lively nightlife.

Historical Records Of Jaffa Street

On Jaffa Street, you can see and experience Jerusalem’s fascinating history, from the end of the 19th century to the present day. Jaffa Street, formerly Jaffa road, is a long road originating from the Old City of Jerusalem and ending in Jaffa’s nearest port city. There is a connection between Jerusalem and Europe because of Jaffa port; that’s why Jaffa Street was so much important, together with the Jaffa Gate, which is the main of eight gates of the Old City. The Old City of Jerusalem was surrounded by a wall, breached close to Jaffa Gate in the late 19th century. Hence, Jaffa Street became connected to Old Jerusalem City.

Additional Places To Visit

Jaffa Street has a fascinating history and stories from the First World War, through the British Mandate, the War of Independence, the 1950s to the present day. Apart from the many shopping and entertainment places, Jaffa Street is an integral part of Jerusalem’s many recommended tours. Sites and points of interest along the street are Safra Square, Zion Square, Davidka Square, the new Central Station, and much more.

Mamilla Mall

The Mamilla neighbourhood is located between the Old Jaffa Gate and the New City. In 2007, the most prestigious shopping centre in Israel, which became a mall. The mall is built as a pedestrian street on an avenue about 400 meters long. The boulevard’s unique style and its proximity to the Jaffa Gate and the Holy City’s main attractions made it beloved and popular among Israelis and tourists from all around the world. There are luxury brands, international brands, local chains, cafes, and restaurants in the Mamilla Mall on Sderot Mamilla. Also, rotating sculpture exhibitions, cultural events, and events frequently occur, which will upgrade the mall’s visit, becoming a unique shopping experience.

How To Reach Jaffa Street And Mamilla Mall

From the Jerusalem-Yitzhak Navon train station to Jaffa Street, the easiest way is the light rail; it is a short ride on line No. 1, the last line to the Jaffa Central station (Jaffa Merkaz). You can also get off at the following stations: ‘Davidka Square,’ ‘King George’, or ‘City Hall,’ depending on where you want to go. From the Jerusalem-Yitzhak Navon train station, you can also reach the Mamilla Mall, in the following way: Travel to the Jaffa Municipality (Hairiya) station on line No. 1, and from this station is about a 10-minute walk to the Jaffa Gate. From the Central Station in Jerusalem to the Mamilla Mall, you can also get there by bus: lines 18, 74, and 75 of Egged, to the bus station ‘Rakla Jaffa Center / Strauss’ there, you have a short walk of about 4 minutes. I want to remind you that the Mamila shopping centre is near the Jaffa Gate, the entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City.