Let’s travel to Hadera Stream garden. Spectacular green gardens, beautiful landscapes and green wonderful Israeli nature appear with power station. The Orot Rabin power station is located close to a long river coming from the Mediterranean Sea. This calm, relaxing video will make you feel relaxed.

The location of this place?

The place in this video is called Hadera Stream. It’s considered a part of Hadera, a city located in the Haifa District of Israel. It’s famous both for its industrial appeal and gorgeous green landscapes, which make the landscape lively and pleasant for the observer.


I’ve traveled in different places in Israel, but Hadera Stream with its Hadera River Park was the one I found absolutely astonishing, even shocking – in a positive way. It demonstrates that it’s possible to build modern industrial buildings close to clean green gardens with beautiful roads and architectures.

My travel in Hadera Stream Park

My travel in Hadera Stream Park starts from me taking the path down the stairs, away from urban sights and right to the riverside. I took a few minutes to appreciate the view, and then started walking along the river bank, following the direction of the stream. It brought me to the forest – wow, so many bird sing and many natural sounds

The forest…

In the forest, I felt so much more relaxed. Birds are chirping, leaves are rustling – all of it gives the sensation of being in harmony with nature. I liked a lot this park, so I’ll definitely visit it again some other day.

Hadera Stream Park