Interesting facts about Israel are so many that it is hard to enumerate all of them. On 14 April, Israel will celebrate 73 years of independence after establishing Israel’s State in 1948.

Bahai Gardens in Haifa, Israel

General Interesting Facts About Israel聽

  1. Even if Israel is a young country, it is a green land because of the number of trees’ growth.
  2. Another pretty exciting fact about Israel is the highest museum density in the world. Indeed, Israel has more than 200 museums, the highest number of museums per capita globally.
  3. Moreover, voicemail’s technology was developed in Israel.
  4. Israel is one of the countries with the longest life expectancy.
  5. Israel is a country where technology and sciences are among the best globally, with one of the highest annual scientific papers’ productions.
  6. The widespread and worldwide diffuse cherry tomato is Israeli!
  7. Beersheba has the most significant number of chess masters in the world.
  8. There is also the highest rate of university’s degrees worldwide.
  9. The Olives’ Mount in Jerusalem is the oldest and still functioning cemetery in the world.

    Tower of David The courtyard of the Museum of Jerusalem
  10. A team of Tel Aviv University researchers developed a cocktail straw that detects date rape drugs.
  11. Another discovery in the scientific field is developing an ingestible video camera that helps diagnose cancer and digestive disorders.
  12. Israel is a leader country in holding the record for in-vitro fertilisation.
  13. Among the technologies, Waze is a famous mobile mapping program.
  14. Israel has one of the happiest population in the world.
  15. An Israeli company engineered the first repellent against jellyfishes.
  16. Tel Aviv is the third city worldwide to have the highest number of sushi restaurants globally, after Tokyo and New York.

    Cityscape image of Tel Aviv, Israel during sunset.
  17. Bamba is the national snack based on peanut, and children in Israel are ten times less allergic to peanuts than other countries’ children.
  18. Israel has the lowest point on Earth: the Dead Sea, situated 401 meters below sea level. Additionally, its high level of salt in the water makes it impossible to drown.

    The shoaled Dead Sea at coast of Israel. The condensed salt out over a water surface
  19. Motorola Israel R&D Center developed the original mobile phone technology, the origin of the actual smartphones.
  20. Israeli postal stamps have only kosher glue.
  21. The land of Israel owns several thousand archaeological sites, whose 2000 are located in Jerusalem.
  22. The Eilat port city is duty-free and a Free Trade Zone, which means that all purchases are VAT free. Moreover, this city has one of the largest tropical aquaria in the world.

    The City Of Eilat
    View of Israeli resort city Eilat and Jordan Mountains.
  23. The number of orchestras per capita in Israel is the highest in the world.
  24. Israel is the startup nation since it has the largest number of startups per capita in the world.
  25. Hamat Gader is the second-largest bath complex that was built by the ancient Romans. Indeed, it dates back to 2000 years ago.
  26. There are 35 Israeli commercial wineries and 250 boutique wineries. Among them, the most popular are the Carmel Wineries, Tepperberg, and Tishbi. There are organised tour guides to show winemaking from start to finish while having the possibilities to state all types of wine.
  27. There are 137 beaches in Israel with unique seascapes.

    Lifeguard towers along Tel-Aviv beach on the coastline of the Mediterranean sea. Israel.
  28. Israeli banknotes are printed with braille writing for blind people.
  29. Israel has the only theatrical company with deaf and blind actors in Jaffa. The Na Laga’at Theatre was established in 2002. Moreover, it is a really unique encounter the dark dining in the Na Laga’at restaurant. In this multisensorial cultural centre, it is also possible to enjoy activities for groups.

Hence, Israel is a unique and unusual country is not enough because there are many qualities. And for sure, Israel deserves at least a trip, if not several tourist tours. From the beginning of a tourist trip, Israel will enchant everyone with the magical atmosphere and breathtaking landscapes. The 29 interesting facts about Israel are only a part of a whole reality.