The city of Tel Aviv is not only featured by beautiful beaches, tall skyscrapers and trendy streets. Indeed nowadays, Tel Aviv is now one of the most ecological and environment-conscious cities in the world. In this vibrant city, the lifestyle is one of the most eco-friendly places on Earth, surpassing Europe and the United States in recycling by opportunely having installed recycling bins everywhere in the city.

Park in the old city of Jaffa in Tel Aviv

The Hiriya dump has been transformed into an industrial Park, home to a variety of state-of-the-art facilities for treating the different sorts of municipal garbage. The use of advanced technologies has transformed the Recycling Park into an international leader in dense waste disposal. Hiriya is the centre of attraction of many experts in recycling; hence many visitors from Israel and worldwide visit this facility, which is now Israel’s most enormous garbage. The park includes bike trails, an amphitheatre and beautiful gardens. Moreover, also transportations have officially been transformed. Tel Aviv started using green city bikes in 2011, which has helped locals and tourists get around 24 hours, seven days a week. These secure, fast and clean bikes have considerably reduced the carbon footprint in Tel Aviv.

Tel Avivs Bike Share Station

Regarding veganism, Tel Aviv is the leading city and capital city of vegans. Indeed, the vegan influence in Tel Aviv is nowadays very diffuse in the world. Tel Aviv has a wide assortment of vegetarian and vegan restaurants everywhere in the city. Furthermore, restaurants are now favouring local products and more organic ingredients. Ultimately, the urban farming enterprise is growing, bringing this environmentally friendly city to an upper level. Urban farmers are planting vegetables on vacant rooftops. An example of urban agriculture is a project in Tel Aviv centre, in Dizengoff Center, where the extensive rooftop has a unique green farm that grows vegetables, leafy greens and herbs without soil. Farmers are now cultivating their vegetables on this extraordinary Tel Aviv landmark using a green system called hydroponics. The vegetables get the correct amount of water in the hydroponics technique, all without soil and pesticides. Tel Aviv continues to preserve the Earth environment by creating more innovative and resourceful ways to live.

Green balcony in Ramat Gan

Natural Parks And Green Areas In Tel Aviv

HaYarkon Park

HaYarkon Park聽in Tel Aviv’s equivalent to NYC’s Central Park. This park captivates more than 13 million visitants each year, and it includes a water park and a ‘Sportek’ with mini-golf, basketball and tennis fields, as well as a climbing wall. Park Yarkon is situated in the Old North, and it is renowned for its open-air concert arenas and wide range of activities for families, groups and sports lovers. It even hosts a lake with rowboat facilities and a petting zoo, six gardens, a bird sanctuary, and a 30km bike trail that extends up to Rosh Ha’ayin. Additionally, in the park, there are areas assigned for picnics and barbecues.

Cityscape of Tel Aviv viewed from TLV Balloon flying over Hayarkon park, Israel

The Tel Aviv Botanical Gardens

The Tel Aviv Botanical Gardens聽were built in the 1950s. They have recently been ecologically restored, revealing a fantastic park with new fishponds, fruits’ orchards, wild plants flowering in Israel’s sands and lowlands endemic, hosting at least 160 different animal species.
The Tel Aviv Botanical Gardens are located in the Abu Kabir district. They extend over four acres, with fish pools, turtle ponds, and a zoological garden with unusual wild animals typical of Israel. Among the animals, there are endangered mammals, birds, birds, reptiles, and amphibians in the park. Visitors might encounter deers, seagulls and pelicans that wander loosely. Hence, there is an opportunity to observe different species in their natural habitat.


SaronaGardens聽were constructed on the terrains of a German Templar village in 1871. The name “Sarona” comes from the German residents. The gardens were extensively restored in 2014, revealing its beauty as a lovely ancient district of Tel Aviv, which is nowadays a favourite neighbourhood by Israelis and tourists.
Shining skyscrapers and residential buildings surround Sarona, whose gardens are a green oasis in the middle of Tel Aviv centre with sinuous pathways, children’s playgrounds, green patches, and many shades and scenic lily fishponds.
It is customary to buy some typical Israeli delicacies from the Sarona Market. Indeed, it is a pleasure to savour them in the fresh air or in one of the charming caf茅s and restaurants that adjoin the park.


The Independence Garden – Gan Ha’atsmaut

The Independence Garden – Gan Ha’atsmaut聽is situated on a hillside along the seashore, and this park offers a stunning panorama of the beautiful Mediterranean sea from the coastline. It extends encompassing the hotel Hilton Tel Aviv, including expansive gardens for picnics, walking paths, a children’s yard and a shaded outdoor gym that is well-known. Its large area provides a comfortable and quiet environment. In-situ, there is the mausoleum of a holy Muslim, Abd al-Nabi, and a memorial for the soldiers who died during the 1948 War of Independence. Additionally, it is delightful to watch exciting sunsets, climbing over the hills and have a run in the park, besides meditating in the fresh air. It is a place where there are seafront caf茅s with a beautiful view and delicious fresh coffees.

Seaside promenade at Independence park at Tel Aviv


The Abrasha Park – Gan HaPisga

The Abrasha Park – Gan HaPisga is the magic place where the old world and the new one merge. This park hosts archaeological ruins dating back 3,500 years. The park has many grassy lawns that are child-friendly, and it includes abandoned cannons dating back to Jaffa’s conquest by Napoleon in 1799. Furthermore, in the garden, some sculptures represent the fall of Jericho, and there is also an arena where free concerts have been organised every Saturday from 9 pm in July and August.

Amazing combination of cannons and a modern Tel Aviv-Yafo.

The Wishing Bridge hangs over the bases of an old wishing well with a mosaic portraying the zodiac signs. Indeed, it is a unique experience to make a wish standing in front of the sea and approaching the hand over one’s zodiac sign.

The Dubnov Garden

The Dubnov Garden聽is the favourite park of families with children and dog owners. It is an urban green park located in Tel Aviv centre, behind the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Centre and Museum of Art. It was named after Simon Dubnow, who was a Jewish historian and writer from Belarus.

Dubnov Garden include many playgrounds suitable for families with children, and sometimes students gather around the outdoor gym. Israelis often relax on the benches of this park during lunch to enjoy the green and the fresh air, and cyclists go biking on the designated routes. Moreover, there is also a dog park on-site.

Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv

Rothschild Boulevard聽is the first largest avenue of Tel Aviv, and it is a distinctive street well-known for its elegant and classic architecture. The country’s declaration of independence was signed at Independence Hall on this boulevard in 1948.

Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv

Going along from Neve Tzedek until Habima Theatre and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, there are rows of well-preserved Bauhaus buildings along with Boulevard Rothschild. The gardens of Rothschild Boulevard include dog lawns, yard bowls, playgrounds, a water fountain, sun loungers, book stations, bike and pedestrian passages and many fashionable caf茅s and restaurants. Boulevard Rothschild is adorned with lined up ancient trees that provide plenty of refreshing shade during the hot summer months.

Meir Park

Meir Park聽is a historic park that dates back to the 1940s, and it was named after the city’s first mayor, Meir Dizengoff. A significant improvement redefined Meir Park, bringing it back to life. This beautiful park in Tel Aviv hosts a fishpond, green yards, a basketball field, an open-air gym, and a dog-friendly area.

Indeed, it is a park with plenty of flora, shaded spaces and a yard for children. The park is open every day of the week. It is the right place to bring snacks bought at the Carmel Market; nearby, there is a good cafeteria called Millie Vanillie, an excellent coffee shop where it is enjoyable to sip a tasty coffee during a quiet morning read.

Afterword about the greenest startup city

Tel Aviv is one of the most unique, vibrant and happy cities of the Mediterranean area and the Middle East; nevertheless, it is one of the greenest urban areas in the world besides being the capital of startups and innovation in technologies. Don’t miss visiting it as soon as possible.