Shalom, I’m managing the Israeli Blogger project and I want to share with you how is going life in Israel on the background of coronavirus epidemic!

It all started with the fact that everyone heard the horrors of what was happening somewhere in China, but at the same time, everything was quiet in Israel itself and people continued to live their active lives. Then, the first sick Israelis from the ship of the coronavirus (Diamond Princess liner) arrived in Israel – but at the same time everyone understood that these sick Israelis were placed in a special department of the Sheba hospital and they did not pose a threat to Israel.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Then a group of tourists from South Korea visited Israel and at the same time they were infected with the coronavirus.., it created the first alarm in Israel. Further, the Israelis themselves, who was return from Italy and other countries to Israel, began to bring the virus with them to workplaces and in transport (Sadness – SAD!). Even then, I started asking people to wear masks and wear gloves and wash their hands often … unfortunately, many laughed at it, supposing that it was just a bloated panic against the background of the usual but NEW TYPE OF FLU!

Attention people – it’s not just flu, look at the statistics: Over 10,000 have already died in the world in a short time .. please take pity on your loved ones “in age”, because young people usually easily tolerate coronavirus, but they also easily transfer it to the more adult population of the country and for them it is a deadly virus!

And what is happening in Israel against on the background of Coronavirus?

Currently in Israel, 883 Israelis diagnosed with coronavirus according to March 21 information. Well, here it’s clear that many more still have not passed the tests (now in Israel, started to take the tests for coronavirus in full power) and there are also those who just think that I just have the flu or those who still don’t feel any symptoms but are already infected.

Well, see by yourself – follow the link to the official website The Israel Ministry of Health and read the news about the places where the sicks with coronavirus were located, so even if you just take the sicks for the last 24 hours, you can see that they were in contact with people in different places (shops, transport …) which means that there is a possibility that there are already other people infected by coronavirus who in turn continue to infect even more and more new ones … and that is why it is very important that people do not contact each other in real live for at least 1 month!

i’m not afraid of anything besides Creator!

It is certainly wonderful to have a strong faith in the Creator, especially during times of trial. But let’s imagine such a situation – a child of rich parents gets behind the wheel of a BMW and drives as he wants .., Well he have a STRONG FAITH in his rich parents…I can do whatever and nothing will be!

Sorry for the analogy, but I write as a person who wears a kippa on his head and believes in hAshem!

Unfortunately those who don’t listen to doctors and spread this virus right and left (If you don’t think about yourself … so please think about old people) – they are behave exactly like the one who got into a BMW …. nothing will be with me since I believe in G-d!

I don’t want to teach anyone faith, but I’ll say it simply – you need to do MINIMUM of ACTION / EFFORT and at the same time believe in full faith that everything will be fine, because the Creator will protect us. For example, why not wear a mask, wash your hands, try not to communicate with other people outside and at the same time believe in full faith in the Creator that everything will be fine with us and with our loved ones ?!

We must always make a contribution by action and at the same time believe in full faith in G-d!

Everything in life, like it – we invest our 50% and the remaining 50% it already depends on the Creator. But I repeat once again, we don’t have to wait for all the work will do for us, by hAshem!

We have the freedom of choice and we must use this freedom correctly and yes, this is also a test to think about those who around us.

In general – I want to say, live POSITIVE and believe in hAshem that everything will be fine – with full faith, but at the same time invest your 50% (hygiene, mask, do not talk with other people outsite home).

By the way, let’s all together read Theilim for those who are sick now, because now you do not have to run to work.

How can I get coronavirus?

  • The coronavirus transferring mainly by sneezing or coughing.
  • Also, if after sneezing or coughing by sick person, the spray got to the surface, then when person touch this surface, this person can easily transfer the virus to his hands and then if a person touches his mouth, nose or eyes, he can become infected with a coronavirus.
    Moreover, coronavirus is very resistant and can stay long on the surface. For example, on the elevator buttons, transport handles and so on … Therefore, it is very important to wash your hands often, treat them with special alcohol, wear gloves and wear a mask with glasses!

I remind you that the Ministry of Health in Israel urges everyone not to leave home without special need!

By the way, according to the latest news, the Israeli police will strengthen patrols in the streets in order to comply with quarantine in Israel. I hope it will help, since in China the distribution of the coronavirus was stopped by this way.


I kindly request to read Theilim for all sick people!